Wii gets new-look iPlayer

The BBC has been busy promoting their online video service since its launch in March. In an attempt to make their on-demand programming available to the masses users can access the iPlayer through a variety of platforms, including phones, PCs and most recently via Sky Television's online service, Sky Player. Now, the broadcaster plans to further improve the service offered on the Nintendo Wii.

A new simplified iPlayer interface has been designed "that presents just a few options on screen at a time and nice big chunky controls - easy to aim at with a Wiimote," explained Anthony Rose, head of online media group for BBC future media & technology in the BBC Technology blog. Users will be able to access both TV and radio programmes on the console, however, despite the improvements to the interface, the quality of videos will remain the same as it did when it was first introduced to the console in April.

The iPlayer offers people in the UK the chance to catch up on their favourite BBC television and radio programmes via downloads or live-streaming, up to a week after they’ve been aired. Once shows have been downloaded, however, the user only has maximum of 37 days in which to watch them.

"We hope, in time, to make suitable modifications which enable users of other gaming consoles and set-top boxes to use this user interface," Mr Rose said. In particular, he suggested that the BBC is planning to make the online service available for the Sony PS3.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Wii and you're curious as to what the new interface looks like, you can view the new look here.

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Oct 27, 2008
Awesome! The US needs something like this!