Wilfred: A dog of a double act

Aussie comedy has had more than its share of comedy teams: Jane Turner and Gina Riley, Merrick & Rosso, and the teams from Working Dog and The Chaser.

Adding to the mix are Adam Zwar and Jason Gann, best pals who have worked together on The Wedge and Wilfred, SBS's subversive comedy about a talking dog. The boys are currently filming their second series to air in 2010.

"Jason and I have known each other for 20 years," says Zwar. "We used to do stuff over at my place and we'd just be talking all night, improvising stuff, making up characters . So our rhythm was always there."

When it came to devising Wilfred, originally a short film, the two boys needed a third character: the dog's owner, Sarah, played by Cindy Waddingham.

"I'd done an ad with Cindy and thought she had a really dry delivery. She's smart and funny and beautiful, so I said 'I think she'd work well'. Jase loved her as well, and Tony (Rogers, director) loved her. We wouldn't swap her for the world."

In the series, Zwar's character, also named "Adam", is the only person who can hear Wilfred "speak".

"Dr Jack (Kim Gyngell) can get a sense of what he's saying because he's a Dog Whisperer. But he doesn't hear him clearly like Adam does," he says.

When it comes to comic influences, Zwar says it's television comedy, and not film, that he prefers.

"All my favourite comedy actors and creators are in TV. The Office, Extras, Larry Sanders Show, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I don't know why."

Zwar says he isn't sure what the future holds for the mangy mutt after the second season airs in 2010. But he doesn't rule out taking the dog to new mediums tapping into the show's cult audience.

"Jason and I wrote Wilfred as a stage show years ago. As a one man show except with Wilfred. Jason was going to do it but then Mark Loves Sharon happened.

"We need to think about how many more dog jokes we've got inside us. Maybe there's a possibility of some sort of finale," he says.

"Wilfred The Movie?"

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