Will Daybreak Become Toast?

The magazine programme that luredThe One Show presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley to ITV1 has been dealt another blow--its losing its launch editor. Ian Rumsey plans to leave Daybreak at the end of the year.

Rumsey, who was handed control of Daybreak's predecessor GMTV last May, also oversaw its much-criticised September rebrand. Like the rest of the Daybreak team, he stood firm in the face of disapproval over dismal viewing figures and lacklustre content. So why now, little more than a year into the job, is the man who launched it looking to move on?

These days, Daybreak's actually doing quite nicely; viewing figures have levelled out at a respectable 800,000 and regularly creep over a million.

Happy ships tend to keep a tight crew and here at TV.com we’ve been wondering why adverts for new Daybreak staff have been appearing with worrying frequency on ITV’s job site. Soon, no doubt, someone in HR will be charged with drafting the show’s most crucial wanted ad to-date.

So what will the high-profile departure mean for the show? Despite raking in a respectable audience, Daybreak is still vulnerable to dips. At best, the show commands just over half the viewers of its BBC1 rival, Breakfast. The loss of a key creative player will not only rock staff morale but could mean the show loses focus and, ultimately, the viewers it spent the best part of a year wooing.

Any new editor will want put their own stamp on it. Depending on who gets the job and how much they’re willing to gamble, this could mean many things: Will they look to target students, housewives, the elderly? And crucially, will Rumsey’s replacement want to keep Adrian and Christine? The pair, though not responsible for the show’s dismal start, are somewhat tainted by it. They have found a rhythm, but the magic they unleashed on The One Show has never been replicated. Depending on how the rest of this year plays out--under the awkward stewardship of departing editor Rumsey--things could soon get bleak for Bleakley and her Brummie sofa buddy.

However, there is one Daybreak player who might have sneaked a smirk in her dressing room when the news broke: Kate Garraway--the show's entertainment editor and Rumsey’s ex-wife.

What do you think of Daybreak? Does it need another revamp? Leave your recommendations below...

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Has Christine B been dipped in treacle or something?
Axe the complete show and start again with somethting better, all you get is extremely wooden performances from the presenters especially Chiles, his monotone voice sends me back to sleep, Dreary Dreary and Drab.... SOMETHING NEW PLEASE
I've never watched this show. Breakfast tv in general is toast I think. I like to start the day with calmness and serenity not some fool screeching about Big Brother or whatnot.

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