Will Lone Star Live Up to its Promos?

Every summer, we're bombarded with promos for new fall shows, each one hoping to catch our wandering eyes and advertisers' blank checks. But trailers and promos are illusions designed to dupe us into thinking things are better than they actually are.

Most of this year's crop of new shows are just like every other year's; several programs look dead right off the bat and only a few look watchable. But one show stood way out from the rest. At least in the promos.

The promotional material for Fox's Lone Star doesn't have fancy special effects or A-List actors, two keys to making a snappy trailer. Instead, it relies on relaying the heart of the show—a man caught between two lives—which it does it exceptionally well.

Here's Lone Star's first trailer, released during the network's upfronts earlier this year. It immediately had me intrigued with its gorgeous cinematography and easily digestible story, and that soundtrack by Mumford and Sons doesn't hurt either.

The early buzz on the show is big, with several insiders telling me it's the new show that's drawing the most interest. Fox is going to push this one big time, and the latest promo is so slick that it's done nothing but make me want to see the show even more. Watch it over at EW.com.

Will Lone Star live up to these two fantastic previews? We'll find out this September. Also, for the record, I'd choose Adrianne Palicki in a heartbeat.

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