Will Obama Bump the Lost Premiere?

There are only 27 Faradays left until the season six premiere of Lost! Wait, let me correct myself, there are only 27 Faradays left until the scheduled season six premiere of Lost!

While ABC spent weeks in their underground hatch devising the best possible return date for the final season of the hit—February 2 and its Groundhog Day-ness was deemed the winner—that decision may be all for naught. And misguided blame can be pointed at President Obama and the White House.

The White House is picking between two dates—January 26 and February 2—for the State of the Union address, according to TheWrap.com, which would put it in conflict with Lost. The president has had his share of detractors, but if he gets in the way of a Lost premiere, he may feel a wrath a million times the potency of town hall disruptors.

When asked for comment, ABC said there will be no plans to change anything until the State of the Union address is confirmed.

Obama has peeved networks before with his many televised speeches, but has since cooled off from the primetime chats shortly after his election. But the State of the Union is one of those special events that networks would be forced to carry. Even if it coincides with the network's biggest premiere of the season.

Could you wait one more week for the Lost premiere?

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