Will Someone Please Leak the Wonder Woman Pilot? Please?

Seriously, will someone just post the Wonder Woman pilot online already? We've heard so much about it, and I really want to see it. Because c'mon: Anything project with instant brand recognition and an A-list writer (David E. Kelley) behind it, not to mention one that was rejected by every single network on its first pass, is something I'm going to want—no—need to see.

And to make matters worse, a few seconds of the show hit the internet today in a cruel attempt to torture me (via Bleedingcool.com).

I know there's a copy out there somewhere, because there are reviews of the pilot online and they're exactly what I hoped for: ranty venom mixed with hysterical disbelief. My favorite so far comes from Toplessrobot.com's Rob Bricken, who writes, "After I watched it, I became horribly ill." If that doesn't sell the need to see it to you, I don't know what will. Bricken's story is a great read because he's well-learned in Wonder Woman lore and desperately wanted to like the pilot, but couldn't find anything nice to say about it except that Adrienne Palicki gave it her best.

So please, someone out there do the right thing and put this out there for all the world to see.

TV.com does not condone piracy but, like a tree falling the forest, is it really piracy if the show will never air?

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