Will There Be A Gay Kiss In Doctor Who?

Explosions, death and flying dragons: the new BBC trailer has it all! But what do you expect from a video promoting the new seasons of Spooks, Merlin and Doctor Who? One thing you probably won't anticipate is a potential gay kiss for The Doctor; so prepare yourself for a surprise.

The BBC's latest trailer shows preview clips from the second part of Doctor Who's sixth season, due to air later this year. And in one of them? It's teased that James Corden's character (who we first met in the season five episode, The Lodger) and Matt Smith's Doctor will kiss. Don't panic, though; we highly doubt The BBC is exploring The Doctor's sexuality. The scene snippet used in the trailer looks more like an innocent plot device intended to intrigue. Job done.

Scenes from the new seasons of Spooks and Merlin are also previewed in the new BBC video, as are upcoming episodes of The Hour, which started on BBC Two last Tuesday. The trailer also gives you your first look at brand new dramas The Body Farm (Tara Fitzgerald's Waking the Dead spin-off) and Page Eight (a one-off drama starring Bill Nighly).

The premiere times for these new shows and series are yet to be announced, but if you follow our debut guide we'll update you as soon as they're announced!

So what did you make of the trailer?

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Jul 21, 2011
i think this is the difference between bbc trailers and american trailers. there is a sense of tease versus telling us everything in the time allotted. Im excited for Merlin and Doctor who. Knights plus the return of craig? :)

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