Will We Ever Get Sick of Ken Jeong?

If you've watched a fair amount of TV over the last few weeks, you've probably seen the new Pepto-Bismol ad starring Ken Jeong, the ragin' Asian who plays Senor Chang on NBC's Community. For those who didn't, check-it check it oooooout:

Here we see Jeong talking street, dancing like he's three bottles of Cristal deep at da club, and coming at us in an over-the-top fashion. In other words, it's classic Ken Jeong. Come to think of it, it's the ONLY Ken Jeong. He's gotten by with playing the same character over and over, whether it's an Asian mobster in The Hangover, a Spanish teacher on Community, or the supervisor of a man's stomach (see video above).

With our fickle tastes and hipster cool dictating that we hate anything and everything that's overexposed, I'm amazed at the lack of a Ken Jeong backlash. Even I, a professional hater of things you like, can't get enough Ken. And I think one thing that's in his favor is how he's used. Though he's brash, he also appears to be self-deprecating, by knowingly playing the out-of-place character. He's an everyman who's acting silly. And even though he seems to be everywhere nowadays, he's still used sparingly. Now that he's become a commercial pitchman for both Adidas and Pepto Bismol, will that change things? I don't think so.

If we were going to be sick of Ken Jeong, it would have happened already. He's one of those rare talents that transcends hate. It may be premature to lump him into the category of Overexposed Talent No One Gets Sick Of, which currently includes the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch, but he's definitely found his niche and should milk it for as long as he can (i.e. as we're still laughing).

Just look at his eyeroll at the end of this new Pepto clip. He makes me want to go out and get indigestion.

What do you think of Ken Jeong? Would you watch a show that featured him in a starring role?

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