Will Young Cast In First Living Drama

Digital channel Living is venturing into original British drama, with a supernatural thriller fronted by Will Young.

Reality TV product Will Young plays a resident of a haunted house in Living's debut drama, Bedlam. The six-part series will be the first British-made show to air on the channel, the schedule of which currently consists chiefly of international acquisitions such as Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural.

We doubt Bedlam will attract the same cult followings as those supernatural shows, however. Though its paranormal theme is well-suited to Living, the new UK series has been officially described as a "sexy ghost series" by its publicist. This premise is hardly surprising considering its creators, Neil Jones, David Allison and Chris Parker, have all worked on glossy teen soap Hollyoaks at some point. But Hollyoaks is hardly the pinnacle of quality drama, so this is hardly a good sign.

We all know Will Young can sing, but his acting has yet to be proved. In fact, his over-acted appearance in Skins, as a strict school counsellor, fails to fill us with confidence. If the script of Living's ghost series, about an apartment block haunted by its dead asylum residents, was promising it would have attracted better leading actors than Will Young.

We can't be too critical though: the series will also star Theo James, who recently proved himself a more than capable actor in A Passionate Woman, alongside Billie Piper. Other cast members including The Tudors' Charlotte Salt and Secret Diary of a Call Girl's Ashley Madekwe are also well thought-of up-and-comers.

Any channel venturing into original British drama has got to be commended though, especially at this tough financial time. It helps that this series is being produced by Red, the same company that made Queer as Folk and Clocking Off, and has the backing of Strike Back's BSkyB, who recently bought Living. We'll have to wait until next year to see if Bedlam will stand out from the rest. What's your initial reaction? Will it be a hit, and does the presence of a reality TV pop star intrigue you or put you off?

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Aug 19, 2010
Give Will Young a CHANCE, he is a very good fabulous actor as well as a fantastic singer. Will is the best artist to come out of the Entertaining industry in years. Will is successful for nine years and has longativity, being so multitalented. He has a brilliant track records of achievements of the highest levels. tv.con fails to mention that Will had brilliant rave reviews for his acting in MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS and Will's acting in the VORTEX reviews. were sensational. Please wait and see how he fairs in Bedlam, before you pass judgement on Will's acting. You will be pleasantly surprised. tv,com you will eat your words ! Thank you !

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