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Windfall lands on NBC

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Windfall, a drama series that almost made it to the air on Fox earlier this year, has been given a second chance by NBC.

The original script for Windfall was written by Laurie McCarthy and Gwendolyn Parker (CSI:Miami and The Handler), but it will be reworked a bit for NBC. Parker has taken a job at CBS' Without a Trace, so McCarthy will write and executive-produce the new script alone.

Windfall follows the stories of 20 disparate people who must share an enormous lottery win. The original pilot starred actors such as Luke Perry (Beverly Hills, 90210), Sarah Wynter (24, The Dead Zone), and Jason Gedrick (Boomtown), but there is no word yet on whether the cast will change for NBC.

Producers expect that Windfall may make a midseason debut this fall.

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