Wirrpanda bows out gracefully from Dancing with the Stars

In a surprise announcement on Sunday's edition of Seven's Dancing with the Stars, David Wirrpanda made the shock announcement that he is to leave the show and forfeit his place in the dancing talent contest.

In doing so, he has become the first contestant in 10 seasons of the successful talent show to leave voluntarily.

Wirrpanda has consistently received some of the lowest marks from the judges for several weeks running. After feeling the pressure from commentators who had said that Wirrpanda wasn't up to scratch and was only being retained in the competition by hyped public support, the ex-footballer bit the bullet and stepped down.

Previous comments from the judges have included, "When you think Las Vegas, you think high energy and I didn't feel that."

In interviews, the dance contestant has stated that the experience was one of the most terrifying things he had ever done, and that "the trousers are pretty tight, so I don't think I'll be having any more kids".

Saying that he believed the best dancers should proceed, rather than the one with the most public support, Wirrpanda emphasised how much he had enjoyed the experience and had made "friends for life".

Todd McKenney, a judge on the program, agreed with Wirrpanda's decision: "You are doing the right thing. You're being a gentleman and giving respect to your fellow performers. I commend you completely."

Since leaving the AFL, Wirrpanda has been working for his own charitable institute, the David Wirrpanda Foundation, which assists indigenous children through assistance with health and education. After appearing on DWTS, Wirrpanda's foundation will have undoubtedly received some excellent publicity as well as raised his profile among non-AFL fans.

See the presenters and the audience reaction to Wirrpanda's shock announcement:

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