Wish List: Saturday Night Live 2011-12 Guest Hosts

The host of the 37th season premiere of Saturday Night Live has been revealed, and you might have heard of him: It’s Alec Baldwin, again. This will make it his 16th time hosting the show, finally allowing him to surpass Steve Martin as the show’s most frequent guest host. The second episode will be hosted by Melissa McCarthy, the Emmy-nominated star of CBS' Mike & Molly and this summer’s breakout hit movie comedy, Bridesmaids. McCarthy is a longtime alum of The Groundlings theater in LA that birthed many an SNL star, and is extraordinarily skilled at character-based sketch comedy. Audiences are in for a treat.

So, so far so good. But what about the rest of the season? We thought we’d throw out a few suggestions.

Mila Kunis

Beyond being one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood right now, Mila is a natural comedienne (she provides Meg's voice in Family Guy), and apparently has yet to reveal all of her hidden talents. (Watch her chew out a Russian reporter in fluent Russian here.) There’s also plenty of material to mine from her own life, from Black Swan to the Marine Corps Ball she’d agreed to attend after a recruit posted an invitation to YouTube.

Alexander Skarsgård

The most lusted-after man in Hollywood right now is also rumored to be one of the nicest guys around–always a help when you’re working in the high-stress, collaborative environment of SNL. Much could be done to spoof Eric Northman, the 1000-year-old, Viking vampire he plays on True Blood–but it’s his starring turn in the movie version of the game Battleship, due out in May 2012, that seems particularly ripe for the parodying.

Donald Glover

Fan-favorite Community star Donald Glover got his start in sketch comedy, with Derrick Comedy. He also has connections to the SNL family, having worked under Tina Fey as a writer on 30 Rock. That already makes him more qualified than 90% of last season’s hosts. Plus, he’s hilarious? Get on it, Lorne!

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family star is kind of impossible not to love–a South American spin on the classic screwball sexpot. I’d like to see her go head-to-head with Bill Hader’s Italian talk show host, Vinny Vedecci, in an all-out Battle of the Ridiculous Accents.

Adam Scott

On Parks and Recreation–and Party Down before that–Scott elevates the classic straight-guy role. But it’s easy to forget he can play a wide range of characters beyond the hapless, put-upon everyman. Remember the obnoxious, helicopter sales-rep he played in the great, underrated comedy Step Brothers? The one obsessed with the “Catalina wine mixer?” Comedy gold.

So that’s my SNL guest host wish list. Who’s on yours?

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