Witness One Smallville Fan Going Apes*** Over the Series Finale (VIDEO)

Dear Criminal Minds Tornado Lady, you have some new competition for the title of TV's most insane fan. One diehard Smallville viewer recorded himself watching the series finale of the long-running CW show, and either he's hired an armada of prostitutes to do unthinkable things to him, or he's a really, really, really big fan of the Superman drama. This video has been on the internet for a few days, but it was too good to pass up.

However, it also begs many questions:
... What kind of person records himself watching TV?
... What kind of person then posts the resulting video on the internet?
... What does Smallville really have to do with America, and why does it inspire so much patriotism from this guy?
... Should TV ever yield emotions like this?
... What was YOUR reaction to the Smallville series finale?
... Exactly how fake is this?

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