Women's Murder Club loses three members

For 10 Fridays late last year and early this year, Angie Harmon led a crew of XX-chromosomed sleuths around San Francisco looking for clues in various murder mysteries. Now they're looking for some executive producers.

The ABC show's producers, Scott Gemmill, Elizabeth Craft, and Sarah Fain, were let go by production company 20th Century Fox Television, according to Variety. Fox will continue to look for producers to replace the recently unemployed in an effort to continue the season. However, the show's ultimate fate is still up in the air, and with today's news, it doesn't look good.

Women's Murder Club, based on the books by James Patterson, last aired in early January.

Over on Fox's 24, executive producer and cocreator Joel Surnow has also left the show, but on his own volition. The effect will likely not be as great as the departure of the producers on Women's Murder Club, given that Surnow had already stepped back from day-to-day duties on the Kiefer Sutherland thriller.

Surnow will pursue other projects, likely other one-hour dramas, but says he will remain close to 24.

"I'll always stay close to the show as long as 24 is on the air," Surnow told Variety. "[24 producer] Howard Gordon is one of my best friends in the business. He and I will continue to talk about it."

But perhaps Surnow just doesn't want to wait around anymore. 24, which relies heavily on its real-time serialized nature, is expected to sit out the strike-shortened year and return in early 2009 when it can air uninterrupted.

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