World Series Game 6 Has Been Postponed, Fringe Could Be Next

Is Walternate opening rifts in the time-space continuum to derail Fringe's fourth season? The rainclouds over mid-America point to "yes." Crappy weather has forced Major League Baseball to postpone tonight's previously scheduled Game 6 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals, and the scheduling shuffle could knock Fringe out of its Friday slot.

With Fox moving the baseball match to tomorrow, repeats of Glee will air tonight, according to Entertainment Weekly. Someone please send me a picture of the die-hard Rangers fan who doesn't get this memo and tunes in to see Lance Berkman swing at a Neftali Feliz fastball, only to find some kid singing Lady Gaga. Seriously, I'll pay money for it.

Because the score is currently three games to two in favor of Texas winning the best-of-seven series, if Texas wins tomorrow, the ginger ale will flow and the World Series will be over. But if St. Louis wins tomorrow, it will force a Game 7, which would take place on Friday. And that would mean Fox would delay its Friday programming, which would include postponing a new episode of Fringe until next week. The result would be two weeks off in a row for a show that desperately needs the ratings to come back for a fifth season. Come on, baseball! We need to see Peter! Also potentially effected is whatever airs before Fringe, which I think is a show that features an angry British chef screaming at people.

NBC is also praying for a 3-HR performance from Rangers star Josh Hamilton, because it also has a heavy investment in this Friday. Chuck's final season and new series Grimm are both scheduled to debut, but if baseball is also on the air, that's a lot of eyeballs to potentially lose. On the plus side, though, people who wanted to see Fringe might opt to give the supernatural drama Grimm a shot instead.

I love baseball, I love Game 7s, and I love Fringe, so I'm going to win either way. How do you feel about this whole potential fiasco?

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