Would You Watch a Reality Show About Roseanne Barr and a Nut Farm?

It seems that Snickers Super Bowl commercial was just the first stop of a larger Roseanne Barr Comeback Tour, as hot on the heels of her Oprah appearance today come reports that the famed sitcom mom and national anthem despoiler is returning to episodic television. Unfortunately, it’s on a Lifetime reality show. The still-untitled series will “chronicle the Emmy-winning actress and comedienne’s newfound life managing a fully-functional 40-acre macadamia and livestock farm on Hawaii’s Big Island alongside her long-time writer-musician boyfriend Johnny Argent and son Jake.”

Roseanne has tried once before at starring in her own reality show. Thirteen episodes of The Real Roseanne Show were shot in 2003, and chronicled the comedian as she hosted a companion cooking show called Domestic Goddess. Things were sidelined when Barr was suddenly required to undergo a hysterectomy, and neither of the shows ever saw the light of day. In 2009, there was talk of Barr returning to sitcoms, in a series penned by an Arrested Development writer—but sadly, that project was killed, and Barr later said on her website that it would be her last attempt at returning to scripted television.

So it’s the Lifetime show or nothing. And while there are plenty of Americans who would opt for the latter, I for one am excited to have Roseanne back. She’s opinionated, funny, and utterly unpredictable. You can catch a preview of what to expect of life on the nut farm on today’s Oprah.

Does Roseanne's new reality show sound like something you'll watch?

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