Writer sues Lost creators

Hollywood writer Anthony Spinner filed a lawsuit Friday claiming that ABC and Lost creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof stole an idea he pitched to the network in 1977.

Lost tells the story of a group of plane crash survivors who find themselves on a mysterious island. They are beset by giant polar bears, villainous people, a frightening wraithlike creature, and, worst of all, their own personal demons.

Spinner says in that in 1977 he was hired by the producers of Land of the Lost to create a show for ABC. The pilot he wrote was called Lost, and it involved a plane crash that stranded people in a mysterious place filled with peril and strange creatures.

ABC has not made any comments regarding the lawsuit, but this is the second high-profile lawsuit the network has been slapped with in recent weeks, as Simon Cowell and the network were sued for allegedly stealing the idea for Cowell's upcoming show, The Million Dollar Idea.

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