WTF: Jon Bon Jovi is NBC's Artist in Residence?

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The New York Times reported yesterday that Jon Bon Jovi was appointed "Artist in Residence" for select NBC Universal shows for the next two months. It's a marketing stunt for his new album, The Circle, which drops on November 10. He'll appear on The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Inside the Actors Studio, and a few others, performing exclusive concerts and giving interviews. The networks will also run specials about his musical career and his philanthropic work. And he won't be promoting The Circle anywhere else except NBC.

Is it just me, or does this whole thing sound totally weird? I'm not even sure they've used the term "Artist in Residence" correctly. I mean, when I heard the announcement, I actually thought Bon Jovi was going to replace the house band on the Tonight Show or The Jay Leno Show for a week or so. But that's not the case. He's going to be NBC's go-to musical talent for sixty days, ruining any love you had for his feathery blonde hair, tight pants, and catchy hooks. We've already got Leno in primetime five nights a week. Now JBJ is going to fill every idle NBC moment? That's just lazy.

I can definitely acknowledge this temporary merging-of-giants as an interesting marketing strategy. But to watch an already-world-famous superstar literally take over a major network for two months? It's too much. His music is fine and dandy, but I don't think I'm alone in saying that most of the world isn't comprised of people who want to watch Jon Bon Jovi. These random self-serving appearances are just going to get obnoxious -- and so is NBC. Who even benefits from this deal? Enough people know who Jon Bon Jovi is. He should just make the regular late-night rounds, like every other artist promoting a new album, instead of putting all of his eggs into the Peacock's nest.

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