X Factor is set for US and beyond

Simon Cowell said shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas were being lined up, hinted that versions for countries such as Afghanistan or North Korea should not be ruled out, and said he was also considering launching a referendum-type TV show.

But the star judge and producer of The X Factor also described how a "tidal wave of stuff" can leave him feeling trapped and overloaded when the immense work pressures become too much.

Simon told BBC's Newsnight: "I get to a point sometimes where I get overloaded, where you can have a week or a month where you're responsible for so many things, where you have to deal with so many people and this can go on from leaving the office till 5 or 6 in the morning if we have to deal with America, where you just... you just have enough.

"Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you get a bit down, and when I'm down I like to be quiet and then I work things out in my head again."

The 50-year-old said the show "will go to America".

"To not make X Factor in the biggest market in the world would be crazy, but we take the show with British producers so it has hopefully that same - as you call it - craziness, unpredictability.

"I wouldn't gloss it up for the American market, I would never do that."

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