Xena can't fight Mother Nature

Actress Lucy Lawless, the star of the cult favorite Xena: Warrior Princess, had to flee the path of Hurricane Katrina when it threatened the set of her upcoming television movie, Vampire Bats, which was filming in New Orleans. As Katrina advanced on the state of Louisiana, the governor ordered the entire city of New Orleans evacuated.

As more than 1 million people began clogging the streets to evacuate the city, the roads became gridlocked. Lawless told Entertainment Tonight, "The traffic was going one mile per hour sometimes." Fortunately, Lawless and crew made it safely away from the storm.

Recently, New Orleans has been courting Hollywood with tax incentives and new soundstages in the hopes of becoming a destination for film crews. Also evacuated from the city was Hilary Swank, in town shooting the horror movie The Reaping, from Die Hard producer Joel Silver.

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