Yep, Another True Blood Teaser

This one goes behind-the-scenes! With the cast!

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlett Johansson and obviously liked it. (Watch more talked-about moments here.)

The Real World: New Orleans is just as bad as it sounds. But don't take my word for it.

Here's a sneak peek at The Real L Word.


... Mad Men creator Matt Weiner actually talked to a media outlet about what's going to happen in Season 4.

... Movieline kindly put together this retrospective of what former Nickelodeon kid stars look like today.

... Glee's Matthew Morrison is coming out with a solo CD! Swoon!

... Poor Jonathan Groff. Apparently filming the Glee season finale was rather grueling.

... Screw Dr. Oz. Dr. Ozzy is in.

... Want to know how The Office's Craig Robinson got all those hosting gigs?

... 2010 Spelling Bee Champion Anamika Veeramani put Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris to shame this morning on Regis and Kelly.

... Here's a taste of what happens in a TV writers' room.

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YAY True Blood & Sandra Bullock
That article about what happens in a TV writers' room was really interesting.
Can't wait
I love Sandra Bullock.

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