You Are Better At Improv Than Charlie Sheen (VIDEO)

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As a lifelong fan of the make-stuff-up-on-the-spot comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway?, I was pretty stoked last night to see that GSN, the Game Show Network, was airing a spiritual successor to the program called Improv-a-Ganza with several of the original players. I was even more excited when I learned that Hollywood psycho Charlie Sheen was stopping by as a special guest star. I mean, what could go wrong!?

Then I watched it.

First, you should know that Improv-a-Ganza—a Las Vegas live show hosted by Drew Carey and featuring Whose Line all-stars Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, and more—is a shell of its incredible predecessor. Painful improv games go on way too long, the role of host has been spread out to multiple no-names who bark out instructions for games in the most confusing way possible, and the magic that made Whose Line so special is gone, gone, gone. And then there's the whole thing about it not being funny, which is usually a requirement in "comedy."

Anyway, Mr. Sheen took the stage at the very end of Wednesday's episode to participate in a game where players make up a fairy tale on the spot. But instead of a moral tale about a young slumbering princess or a a trio of sight-challenged rodents, we saw the story of a crazy old man whose mind is so one-dimensional and perverted that all the citizens of the evil kingdom who witnessed his inane ramblings were stupider for it. Just watch.

What a comic mastermind! Now I understand why Sheen was paid over a million dollars an episode for Two and a Half Men! The video above was filmed in January of this year, the same month he was rushed to the hospital and a day later entered voluntary rehab at his home. That incident, of course, set into motion the events that resulted in Sheen being fired from Two and a Half Men.

Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza airs weeknights at 8pm and 11pm on GSN.

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