You Were Right To Avoid OMG! With Peaches Geldof

There is nothing on Peaches Geldof’s pink, scented CV that suggests she’s in any way qualified to offer advice, so when we read that the socialite would be hosting her own show, "solving real life problems" we were apprehensive. Expecting the show to be car-crash TV we tuned into yesterday’s debut (ITV2, 9pm) to discover it’s far more concerning than we first thought.

With a title like OMG! With Peaches Geldof it's obvious the show is aimed at idiots. It’s worrying then that the first piece of advice, given by Peaches, was on how to become a vampire. Worse still, that this was followed up by the introduction of a guest who was encouraged to drink human blood. Worst of all, none of it was anything but painful to watch.

There is a resident doctor on the show who you desperately hope will interject, but she only speaks when prompted by Peaches and even then she's patronising and blasé. You'd be forgiven for thinking she's confused the show with Hotter than My Daughter, with her embarrassing desire to be considered "hip" and "cool" in front of the younger studio audience. Her opinion on the blood-drinking? "I respect your lifestyle choice in looking beautiful like a vampire, but you know what… there’s a boundary." Any aura of professionalism or authority she might have had was then immediately dispelled as she dons a corset and pretends to be a vampire herself.

The only subject covered that would have had your parents’ approval was a quick discussion about relationship status' on social networking sites. Others included sex with strangers and a regular section about strange fetishes. None of these were balanced, revealing or worth watching, and even the studio audience looked painfully uncomfortable (probably worried they’d have their blood drunk).

Trashy shows like this are often regarded as guilty pleasures, but only one of those words applies here. OMG! With Peaches Geldof is as irritating as it is dim-witted. The only entertaining aspect is when the host fidgets on her cheap leather chair and accidentally creates loud fart-like noises. No matter how desperate you are, you should avoid this show at all costs. Just to be safe we suggest you consider blocking ITV2 on your TV, at least for the next six weeks, in case you accidentally happen to flick over at the wrong moment.

Glutton for punishment? Here's a clip of the show.

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Mar 03, 2011
I don' think anybody needs a tv critic to tell us that ANYTHING Peaches does is going to be rubbish. Why do tv producers keep giving her another chance. Let someone else have a go already.