You'll Never Guess Who Is Trying to Revive Heroes

It's time for another edition of "Somebody is thinking about reviving one of your old favorite shows," but this time, the parties involved are particularly interesting. MSN is in early discussions to bring back the NBC superhero drama Heroes for its original programming initiative through Xbox consoles, according to TVLine. ZOMG!   

NBC's Heroes ran for four uneven seasons from 2006 to 2010, bursting onto the scene as a huge hit before petering out later on. But despite the zany road it took toward the end of its run (ummm, the carnival), its ensemble cast and structure could make for a decent revival. Apparently the idea is to start with a whole new group of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and bring in past cast members for cameos.

Microsoft has been looking to bring in original programming to its gaming console for some time now, and in September the company hired former CBS president Nancy Tellem to create a television studio specifically aimed at developing original series for Xbox Live. With a new Xbox console allegedly in the works for later this year, now is the perfect time for MSN to get serious about original programming. But is Heroes the answer?

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