Young Justice "Intervention" Review: Runnin' Blue

Young Justice S02E18: "Intervention"

Well that turned out to be really easy.

In what was something of an ass-pull (unless I missed something, but I don’t think I did), the team had, in conjunction with the remaining members of the Justice League, concocted a plan to free Jaime from the Reach’s control by using a temple in Bialya that was doubling as a hangar for Queen Bee’s operations that just happened to be covered in scarab hieroglyphics. Zatanna did some backwards incantations, as is her thing, and channeling the spirit of the cavern, managed to free both Jaime and Green Beetle of the Reach’s control. She had been practicing the incantations for a while, too, and everyone but Jaime was in on the plan.

So... yeah, it’s not making sense for me. Some members of the team had been in the hangar before, but I don’t remember Batgirl taking any hologram shots of it. Maybe they went back? Whatever. My main issue was that Zatanna had been practicing the spell for at least a month. But that doesn’t make sense. It’s been only a couple of weeks since suspicions were cast on Blue Beetle in the narrative. The Warworld battle and the Reach/Blue Beetle press conference occurred on May 26 and May 27. “Intervention” spanned June 13 and June 14. I can only assume that they started doing the spell in an effort to remove the scarab since that story started back in early April for the characters. But since it was all explained in a flashback infodump at the end of this episode, I really don’t know.

It’s incredibly frustrating, because the entire thing just felt so very rushed. There are only two episodes left, and I get the need for narrative expediency, but this seemed like a very sloppy way to achieve the episode’s goals. Feel free to correct me/explain if I missed something; I’ll be happy to recant in the comments.

Narrative contortions aside, the episode really wasn’t that bad on an action and humor level. Both the diversionary fight between Blue Beetle, Barbara, and Bart (lots of Bs in this episode...) and the fight in Queen Bee’s hangar were exciting and well-storyboarded. I particularly liked the bit where Bart used Cassie’s lasso to hurl Green Beetle into the mystical energy field and his own attack. It looked very sharp.

But I couldn’t stop laughing at the Ambassador using a hi-tech CB-esque microphone to project the words out of Blue Beetle’s mouth. It was so ridiculous that I was tickled every time the show cut back and forth between it. Then Peter David’s script anticipated this, and had Jaime heckle the Ambassador’s inability to properly mimic Jaime’s style of speaking. I can appreciate that the show sort of acknowledged how silly that bit may’ve played, and decided to give us the room to laugh at it. To top it off, I really appreciated the bickering between the Ambassador and the Scientist. It was pretty standard gender sitcom-y stuff, but between two high-ranking alien overlords, it becomes a little funnier.

In between all the action and hilarity, the show remembered to wrap-up M’gann and La'gaan’s relationship by ending it. I wish I cared more about that, and I do care more than I did about the patching up between Mal and Karen, but only barely. M’gann’s been the only member of the original cast with something resembling character development this season, but it’s been pretty spotty given the show’s shift to more action- and plot-oriented storytelling. I appreciate the effort at trying to making this compelling, and I think Danica McKellar and Yuri Lowenthal did solid work here, but the lack of space to let this dynamic breathe (and the damnable timeskip) made it feel pretty hollow.


DC Nation Short: The final (?) level of the “Amethyst” series, and her fight with Dark Opal. It wasn’t much of a short as it consisted of a brief fight, a quick magical girl transformation, and then she blasted his cloak pin off. Amusing enough that it caused Dark Opal’s clothes to fall off, leaving him in boxers, of course, but then he fled into another dimension. I imagine there’s got to be at least one more that shows her returning to the real world, right?

– “We have to set him free. Before he, you knows, conquers Earth and enslaves all mankind.”

– Of course Toyman is a fat nerd with long hair who wears an army jacket.

– “Nice death threat. Could it get any more technical and dull?”

– “Someday you’re going to have to tell me how you figure out those backwards words so fast.”

– The Ambassador’s refusal to call in Black Beetle sort of made sense—he’s guarding the key chamber on Warworld—but it definitely also seemed like it was grounded in a concern about Black Beetle’s ego getting in the way of things, and the Ambassador not wanting his enforcer to get too big of a head. Thoughts?

– My “biggest complaint" (note the use of quotation marks, please) about Young Justice is that Queen Bee hasn’t had a larger part. Who wouldn't want to listen to evil Marina Sirtis all of the time?

– Two episodes left, and the whole beetle thing this week was something the Light had planned all along! (Of course it was something they'd planned all along.) A reckoning’s coming between the Light, the team, and the Reach. Let’s hear some ideas on how it’ll play out in the comments.

– And like a few weeks ago, here’s a picture of Batgirl. Because I’m drunk with power.

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