Your 10 Favorite TV Quotes of 2011

Ready for one last blast from the past before we turn ourselves over to 2012? In December, we invited you to name your favorite television quotes from 2011, and you willingly obliged. So we've painstakingly tallied up your suggestions and categorized them into a Top 10 list. There were only a couple hundred responses to sort though, nbd.

By the time we were finished counting up your votes, one thing was abundantly clear: You guys LOVE Community. Thankfully, you love other shows, too, so we made sure they didn't accidentally get swept under the rug and omitted from the final list. So without further ado, here are your favorite TV quotes of 2011.

10. Castle

- Richard Castle

9. Supernatural

I'll stay here. Hook up with the posse, cause you know me, I'm a posse magnet. I mean I love posse. Make that into a T-shirt.
- Dean Winchester

8. Parks and Recreation

Treat Yo'self!
- Tom Haverford & Donna Meagle

7. Doctor Who

Well, I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought 'Gosh, the Third Reich's a bit rubbish, I think I'll kill the Fuhrer.' Who's with me?
- Melody Pond

6. Breaking Bad

I am not in danger, Skylar. I AM
the danger. 
- Walter White

5. Criminal Minds

This is calm. And it's Doctor. 
- Dr. Spencer Reid

4. Sons of Anarchy

Clay: You might as well kill me. Jax: You're already dead.

3. The Big Bang Theory

- Sheldon Cooper

2. Game of Thrones

Winter is coming.
- Eddard "Ned" Stark

1. Community

Just so you know Jeff, you're now creating six different timelines.
- Abed Nadir

Honorable Mention: The Vampire Diaries

I wonder, Klaus, for someone who has always been one step ahead for a thousand years. Were you prepared for this?

- Stefan Salvatore

What were your favorite quotes of 2011? Share 'em with us in the comments!

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