Your best Dukes Moments!


Yogibrain's Dukes Moment

The Dents of Hazzard: My sister and I are big fans of the show and one of our favorite things to imitate is the way they get in the General Lee. We have tried jumping in the windows and accidentally landing on the lock knob (ouch). That was nothing compared to our next attempt at the Duke lifestyle. My sister had just finished waxing her car and we'd paid special attention to the hood. Shined it up real nice, and then--you guessed it--slid across, Hazzard style. After about five minutes of sheer bliss, we noticed that we had left a huge dent in her hood. Our dad was not too happy about that, but in the end I guess it was worth it.

Ranchgal's Dukes Moments

"Uncle Jesse": Several trucks full of us were deer hunting, including one older gentleman with gray whiskers who shared a truck with two of his great- nephews. They were cutting across a field and hit a big wash out, and ended up teetering on the bank--and by the time we got them pulled out we were calling the boys "The Dukes" and their great uncle "Uncle Jesse." The name stuck, and we were still talking about the incident and "Uncle Jesse" at his funeral, just like the real Dukes would have been.

Just Like the General Lee: A bunch of us were playing car tag in a big hay meadow after dark one night at a party. One of the guys was speeding away in his navy blue Ford Galaxy, and he went over a small raised hill that turned out to be an old trash dump. The Galaxy flew into the air and then landed on the top of a refrigerator--we had to go get a tractor to get him off and out of it before we were all done. Everyone was way late getting home that night, and just about all of us got grounded.

Scandal2000's Dukes Moment

Childhood Memories: As a child I was a Dukes of Hazzard fanatic. I remember looking forward to every Friday night, when I could watch the Dukes. Daisy Duke was one of the first crushes I ever had, and I practically idolized Luke Duke. Even though I remember many of the girls being into Bo Duke because he was younger, as a guy I liked Luke's toughness, his ability to do stunts, and the fact he was the brain of the outfit. To me he was the coolest. I also always thought Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and Sheriff Rosco (James Best) were a great comedy team. I used to take my Dukes lunchbox to school with pride.

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Aug 07, 2005
that yogibrain story is so true.... wah

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