Your Everything Guide to May Finales

Sunday, May 9

... The Amazing Race Season 16 finale (CBS, 8pm)
The remaining teams travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in an attempt to beat each other to the finish line and win the million-dollar prize.

Monday, May 10

... Trauma Season 1 finale (NBC, 9pm)

Wednesday, May 12

... Mercy Season 1 finale (NBC, 8pm)

... The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 5 finale (CBS, 8pm)
Hanging out with Max's friends makes Christine insecure about her smarts, leading her to make a rash decision.

... America’s Next Top Model Season 14 finale (CW, 8pm)
The two-hour finale reveals which model wannabe ends up on top.

Thursday, May 13

... The Vampire Diaries Season 1 finale (CW, 8pm)
Will Jonathan’s scheme to ruin Founders Day go as planned? Also: Caroline will get to be Queen of the celebration, but she’ll likely be more concerned with convincing Matt an Tyler to be friends again. Vampires: They’re just like us!

... Supernatural Season 5 finale (CW, 9pm)
The apocalypse is nigh and Sam and Dean have run out of solutions. What will they have to sacrifice?

... Fringe Season 2 finale, Part 1 (Fox, 9pm)
Leonard Nimoy returns for a showdown between Walter Bishop and William Bell.

... Private Practice Season 3 finale (ABC, 10pm)
Maya is back... and pregnant. Also: Will Dell stay, or will he leave for UCLA?

Friday, May 14

... Smallville Season 9 finale (CW, 8pm)
Here comes another battle between good and evil, as Clark and Zod fight for control of Earth.

Saturday, May 15

... Saturday Night Live Season 35 finale (NBC, 11:30pm)

Sunday, May 16

... Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Season 20 finale (CBS, 8pm)
The two-hour finale will showcase the five remaining castaways as they vie for the million-dollar prize. A one-hour live reunion show will air immediately afterward.

... Desperate Housewives Season 6 finale (ABC, 9pm)
Bree considers revealing a secret, Susan's financial problems worsen, Eddie takes control of Lynette's fate, and Gabrielle puts herself at risk while trying to help Angie.

... Brothers and Sisters Season 4 finale (ABC, 9pm)
The series says goodbye to Rob Lowe.

Monday, May 17

... One Tree Hill Season 7 finale (CW, 8pm)
As the gang heads off to Utah, we’ll see how Haley handles her depression over the passing of her mother.

... House Season 6 finale (Fox, 8pm)
The Princeton-Plainsboro team must join forces with search-and-rescuers when an emergency situation breaks out.

... Gossip Girl Season 3 finale (CW, 9pm)
Blair must decide between meeting Chuck or risking their future together, a gossip about Dan causes problems for Serena and Nate, and Georgina Sparks returns to the Upper East Side.

... Castle Season 2 finale (ABC, 10)
Yeah yeah, there's a case to solve (it's about the murder of an intelligence operative, or something), but more intriguingly, Castle and Beckett are forced to confront their feelings for one another.

Tuesday, May 18

... V Season 1 finale (ABC, 10:00pm)
Erica agrees to attend a mothership meet-and-greet with Tyler, but all she really wants to do while she's there is destroy a V soldier or twenty. Chad discovers the truth about Anna. And as the Vs continue to hunt for Val, her water breaks—here comes that alien baby!!!

Wednesday, May 19

... The Middle Season 1 finale (ABC, 8:30pm)
The school librarian, Mrs. Nethercott (played by guest star Betty White!), threatens to hold Brick back because he's failed to return 31 books. Plus: Axl finds out he's academically gifted, and Sue finds out that she's, uh, more forgettable than she'd like.

... Modern Family Season 1 finale (ABC, 9pm)
Claire struggles to have a new family portrait taken; Cameron becomes a wedding singer; Mitchell and Lily have an unpleasant run-in with a pigeon; and Gloria, Manny, Phil, and Alex suffer an awkward Jumbotron moment at an LA Lakers game (don't miss Kobe Bryant's cameo!).

... Cougar Town Season 1 finale (ABC, 9:30pm)
Jules and Grayson 'fess up to Bobby that they're dating, and Travis gets in trouble when he forgets his anniversary with Kylie.

Thursday, May 20

... Bones Season 5 finale (Fox, 8pm)
In "The Beginning in the End," the team investigates the death of hoarder, Angela's dad returns, and Brennan and Booth are offered "once-in-a-lifetime opportunities."

... Community Season 1 finale (NBC, 8pm)
The whole gang goes to the prom. Oooh! Will the show spoof Pretty in Pink?

... Parks and Recreation Season 2 finale (NBC, 8:30pm)
Leslie tries to put on a children’s concert, and Mark makes some big life decisions. Adam Scott and Rob Lowe guest star.

... CSI Season 10 finale (CBS, 9pm)
Will the team finally solve Dr. Jekyll's true identity?

... The Office Season finale (NBC, 9pm)
Sabre’s burning-printers controversy explodes (har!) and all hell breaks loose. Kathy Bates guest stars.

... Fringe Season 2 finale, Part 2 (Fox, 9pm)
Walter and Olivia visit the "other side," with universe-altering aftermath.

... Grey's Anatomy Season 6 finale (ABC, 9pm)
According to the ABC press release, in this "two-hour shocker ... Seattle Grace is hit with a crisis like no other in its history ... [and] Cristina and Meredith's surgical skills are put to the ultimate test." Also, Mandy Moore guest stars.

... 30 Rock Season 4 finale (NBC, 9:30pm)
Liz tries to make it to three weddings and Donaghy finally has to choose between Nancy and Avery.

Friday, May 21

... Ghost Whisperer Season 5 finale (CBS, 8pm)
Melinda visits Grandview hospital to battle it out with a poltergeist who's threatening her son.

... Medium Season 6 finale (CBS, 9)
Allison's brain tumor returns, with potentially devastating consequences. Teri Polo and Margaret Colin guest star.

... Kitchen Nightmares Season 5 finale (Fox, 9PM)
This show is still on?!? Okay, well, surprise surprise, Chef Ramsay revisits restaurants that have undergone his boot camp, including Handlebar, Casa Roma, and Black Pearl.

... Miami Medical Season 1 finale (CBS, 10pm)
Hoo boy, the Alpha Team's takes on a nail-biter of an emergency after an alligator attacks a bunch of people on a golf course. Kari Matchett guest stars.

Sunday, May 23

... The Simpsons Season 22 finale (Fox, 8pm)
Moe appears as a guest judge on American Idol and tells it like it is with Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson.

... The Cleveland Show Season 1 finale (Fox, 8:30pm)
Here comes the drama: Cleveland finds out who's getting his ex-wife's belongings and Cookie and Freight Train plan to remarry. But it's nothing that a little special musical number by Earth Wind & Fire can't smooth over.

... Family Guy Season 8 finale (Fox, 9pm)
The one-hour season finale reimagines the Star Wars saga.

... Celebrity Apprentice Season finale (NBC, 9pm)
Find out who will become Mr. Trump’s apprentice in this live finale.

... Lost Series finale (ABC, 9pm)
You guys, the goodbye is gonna be five hours long: The pre-finale recap show starts at 7pm and will offer a two-hour retrospective look at the series' six seasons lead right into the beginning of "The End," Lost's two-hour series finale, at 9pm. At 11pm, Jimmy Kimmel will host a one-hour post-finale special with the cast and producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Warning: When it's over, you may experience severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Monday, May 24

... 24 Series finale (Fox, 8pm)
Jack Bauer says goodbye to the small screen in the two-hour conclusion of “Day 8.”

... Dancing with the Stars Season 10 finale, Part 1 (ABC, 8pm)
Which "star" will shine the brightest?

...How I Met Your Mother Season 5 finale (CBS, 8pm)
Are Marshall and Lily actually ready to have a baby?

... Chuck Season 3 finale (NBC, 8pm)

... Rules of Engagement Season 4 finale (CBS, 8:30pm)
Secret wedding plans are underway, but Murphy's law ensues. In an effort to keep the plans under wraps, Adam explains to Timmy and Russell that he's staging an intervention for Jeff's drinking problem.

... Two and a Half Men Season 7 finale (CBS, 9pm)
Charlie's driver's license gets suspended, so Jake becomes his personal driver. And Alan makes his way to Chelsea's birthday party, where Chelsea's father and boyfriend are also in attendance.

... Big Bang Theory Season 3 finale (CBS, 9:30pm)
Everyone's looking for a hook-up. Can Penny get over Leonard? Will Sheldon's new love start online? And will it be with guest star Mayim Bialik?

... CSI: Miami Season 8 finale (CBS, 10pm)
The team must decode a cryptic message before a serial killer attacks his next victim. Esai Morales guest stars.

... Law and Order Season 20 finale (NBC, 10pm)
Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn guest stars (apparently, Law and Order is her favorite show). We're guessing she's the killer.

Tuesday, May 25

... NCIS Season 7 finale (CBS, 8pm)
Gibbs travels to Mexico to face off with a drug cartel... and is forced to make a devastating choice.

... American Idol Season 9 finale, Part 1 (Fox, 8pm)
The final two contestants battle for the title.

... The Biggest Loser Season finale (NBC, 8pm)
The biggest (and now rich!) loser is revealed.

... NCIS: L.A. Season 1 finale (CBS, 9pm)
Callen is racing to find the fortune tied to funding a new Middle Eastern war. Along the way, he might learn the real truth about his past.

... Dancing with the Stars Season 10 finale, Part 2 (ABC, 9pm)
One of the weirdest seasons in DWTS history comes to an end as the winner is revealed. We're just thrilled it won't be Kate Gosselin.

... Parenthood Season 1 finale (NBC, 10pm)
The Braverman drama continues as the family walks for autism, Crosby’s relationship with Jasmine wavers, and Haddie and Amber have an all-out fight.

... The Good Wife Season 1 finale (CBS, 10pm)
Alicia's got a tough decision to make: Will she stand by her man and his new political campaign, or follow her heart and start a relationship with Will?

Wednesday, May 26

... American Idol Season 9 finale, Part 2 (Fox, 8pm)
Our money's on Crystal Bowersox.

... Criminal Minds Season 5 finale (CBS, 9pm)
The BAU team hunts a extra creepy family-killing murderer. Guest stars include Tim Curry, Eric Close and Robert Davi

... CSI: NY Season 6 finale (CBS, 10pm)
The team chases Shane Casey (Edward Furlong) across Manhattan after he escape from prison.

Thursday, May 27

... Flash Forward Season 1 finale (ABC, 8pm)
ABC hasn't released a synopsis for this one yet, so for now we'll just speculate: In light of the news that FlashForward won't make it to Season 2, Agents Benford and Noh will scramble to tie up loose storylines. Says ABC: "It's D-Day—April 29, 2010—and while everyone waits to see if their flashforward visions come true, Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout, and Simon, with Demetri, attempts to stop it from happening by breaking into the NLAP mainframe."

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