Your Everything Guide To Thanksgiving Weekend TV

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But that's only the beginning of this weekend's holiday programming...

Thursday, November 26

9 am, CBS

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
A Thanksgiving classic. This year's guests new balloons include Ronald McDonald, Spiderman, and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

12:30 pm, FOX

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions
Football time!

2 pm, FMC

Miracle on 34th Street
The 1973 version of Miracle on 34th Street.

4 pm, CBS

Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys
Football, part two.

6 pm, ABC Family

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

7 pm, History Channel

Home for the Holidays: The History of Thanksgiving
The true story of Thanksgiving.

8 pm, ABC

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
The Peanuts gang celebrates Turkey Day.

10 pm, Hallmark

Our First Christmas
In Our First Christmas, two families try to celebrate without killing each other.

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Ah ... the day of leftovers and inappropriately extravagant shopping sprees. It's not the time to worry about burning off excess calories. Hey, Santa Claus is rotund and everyone loves him! Take to the couch and munch on a turkey bone and watch your fill of holiday classics like Tim Burton's animated The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Friday, November 27

12 pm

Decked for the Holidays on HGTV
Love going crazy with holiday decorations? Odds and ends of mistletoe just won't cut it? Get some ideas on how to spruce up your digs for the holidays.

2 pm

Ernest Saves Christmas on Hallmark
When Santa Claus retires, who's going to take his place? Will Christmas disappear forever?

4 pm

College Football: Nebraska at Colorado on ABC
For the men who must assert their manliness during the weekend spent lolling around the house whilst they help adorn mantle pieces with baby angels, Thanksgiving weekend has your will of football.

College Football: Alabama at Auburn on CBS
Which one will you watch?!

5 pm

A Dennis the Menace Christmas on ABC Family
Haven't spent that much time with your kids in a while? Need a break? Plop them down in front of the TV and take a late afternoon siesta.

6:40 pm

Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas on Encore
Missing the beautiful oranges, yellows and reds of fall? So does the king of Halloweentown. It's worth getting cable to see Tim Burton's classic.

7 pm

Elf on USA
Will Ferrell as an elf in Santa's workshop strikes a chord in the most naughty people. You can't hate somebody who's so hyped up on sugar he doesn't know his shoe from his nose.

8 pm

How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Encore
Dr. Seuss's modern-Scrooge has been memorialized in full cinematic glory—by Jim Carrey. A few deep belly laughs might do that stuffed stomach good.

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Starting to get over your food coma, but still tempted by your soft squishy couch? Too cold to go outside? The Christmas fun begins in earnest Saturday when Lifetime airs a slew of holiday-themed romantic comedies and feel-good movies. There's also a little something for college football fans. The only problem is ... what will you watch?!

Saturday, November 28

1 pm

Eve’s Christmas on Lifetime
Eve has made herself a successful business woman, but this holiday season, she's beginning to miss her ex-fiance.

Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish on ABC Family
In this modern adaptation of It's A Wonderful Life, the richest kid in the world wishes he'd never been born. And poof! He learns his lesson.

2 pm

I’ll Be Home for Christmas on Hallmark
College boy Jonathan Taylor Thomas gets up to misadventures as he tries desperately to get home for the holidays.

College Football: Grambling State vs. Southern on NBC
Longtime rivals Grambling State University and Southern University will go head-to-head in the New Orleans Superdome at the State Farm Bayou Classic.

3 pm

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus on Lifetime
How could I have guessed this was on Lifetime? Feel no shame though! Go forth and get points on how to pick up Santa Claus—and keep him. My guess: killer cookies and warm milk.

3:30 pm

College Football: Florida State vs. Florida on CBS
Bored by the Grambling State-Southern game? Florida serves you up a delightful little game—and their weather will make you dream of summer.

4 pm

All I Want for Christmas on Hallmark
A single woman desperate to find a mate falls in love during the holiday season. What's more romantic than mistletoe and Santa hats?

6 pm

Cool Tools Holiday Blowout on TKTK at 6:30 pm
Being stuck at home is the perfect time to work on your latest craft projects. And what's better inspiration than a show about the coolest tools to do your home handiwork?

7 pm

Secret Santa on Lifetime
It's so hard to keep secrets around the holidays. This Christmas one nosy person goes searching for the answer to the biggest holiday secret: Santa's identity.

The Santa Clause 2 on Disney
You can't see the sequel without seeing the original The Santa Clause. Too bad it airs afterwards. Oh well, you can still enjoy Tim Allen ballooning up to fit in a furry Santa Clause suit.

8 pm

Merry Madagascar on NBC
In the depths of winter, when the once-perfect snow has frozen into a solid block on your front lawn, thoughts turn to warm, tropical paradises. Indulge those dreams—and the fantasy you can talk with animals— with the cast of Madagascar.

Home for the Holidays on WGNGame
Robert Downey Jr. can kick ass in Ironman and turn around and play a great romantic lead. He makes me swoon.

9 pm

Comfort and Joy on Lifetime
This holiday season is supposed to bring out the good in people, but sometimes it takes a bit of a nudge in the right direction. The main character gets in a car crash and in one of those magical holiday moments, she's transported to another life of volunteerism and PTAs.

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It's back to work tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone else has gained the same five pounds as you. Go ahead, lick the bottom of the gravy bowl and stave off your workday depression. Do you really have to go back to work?

Sunday, November 29

12 pm

Ms. Scrooge on Hallmark
Mr. Scrooge has met his match. The Ghost of Christmas Past visits Ms. Scrooge this holiday season. Things could be worse.

Snoopy, Come Home on ABC Family
Seriously, it's Peanuts.

2 pm

Once Upon a Christmas on ABC Family
Santa's daughter takes it into her hands to change all the naughty children in the world into nice angels. Maybe, just maybe, she can keep her Santa Claus from boycotting Christmas.

A Christmas Carol on Hallmark
Feeling grouchy about going back to work tomorrow? Meet the king of grouch Ebenezer Scrooge in this 1984 remake of the classic Christmas Dickens story.

3 pm

Noel on Lifetime
In a city as big as the Big Apple, the holidays can be particularly lonely. In Noel an unlikely group of people come together for a little company.

4 pm

Surviving Christmas on ABC
A rich and lonely billionaire tries to buy his way into a strange family's hearts. But all they want is to be with each other. Ben Affleck stars as the handsome mogul.

Holiday Celebration on Ice on NBC
REO Speedwagon and Rick Springfield will perform an on-ice extravaganza with appearances by Brian Boitano and other ice skating stars.

Twice Upon a Christmas on ABC Family
It looks like being good doesn't run in the family. Santa's daughters go head-to-head in a battle for the North Pole.

5 pm

Home for the Holidays on Lifetime
It's been a hard year for a lot of people, including recently-fired Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter). Could a holiday season with family be just the thing she needs?

6 pm

Jingle All the Way on TBS
Ex-body builder and actor and now-governor of the great state of California Arnold Schwarzenegger gets downright silly in Jingle All the Way.

7 pm

A Town Without Christmas on Lifetime
A child who's parents are on the brink of divorce asks Santa Claus to stop by his little town. The combination of weepy children and holiday cheer makes for a heartwarming end to Thanksgiving weekend.

8 pm

The Santa Clause on TBS
Santa Claus doesn't live at the North Pole. He lives right down the street. And he looks an awful lot like Tim Allen.

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Nov 28, 2009
watching the parade on earth cam is the best way to watch it no commercials you see everything and no nbc show interviews it is like really being there...well kinda the sound was not great but we are watching it again tomorrow
Nov 27, 2009
Which channel were you watching the parade? I was watching NBC as usual, and although not as good as some years, it was not nearly as bad as you're making it out to be...
Nov 27, 2009
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Nov 27, 2009
This was without a doubt the worst (non)coverage of a parade. After every 20 commercials, the turned the cameras on and then promply blocked the float with another commercial.

I do not know if you are covering the New years Parade, but I will not wast the electricity to turn on your channel to see.

The idiots who produced this program today should all be fired!!

Don't lie to us saying you are covering a parade. What a terrable waste of money the sponsers spent. I will not watch your channel again!
Nov 26, 2009
Whoever those bozo's are that are announcing the Thanksgiving Parade please do us all a favor and can them next year - this had to be the worse parade I have watched in years. If you bring them back next year you won't have my family watching the parade. I don't care that GMC's are pulling the floats and to make wiseass cracks about this rather than to tell us about the float takes away from the watching the parade or commments about see the Santa balloon behind - please! I don't care that McPhee cut her hair and is now a blond. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE FLOATS AND THE BALLOONS. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR TIPS ON WHAT TO DO WITH MY TURKEY AFTER TODAY. I DO NOT WANT SNIDE REMARKS FROM THE BOZOS ANNOUNCING THE PARADE - THEIR ENTHUSIAM IS LIKE A WET FISH - IF THEY DID NOT WANT TO BE ANNOUCING THE PARADE THEY SHOULD HAVE SAID NO INSTEAD OF ACTING AS IF THIS WAS JUST A JOB AND THEY HAD TO BE THERE. GET SOMEONE WITH SOME ENTHUSIAM LIKE JENNIFER HEWITT LOVE AND JAMIE KENNEDY........... THIS YEAR'S PARADE IS RATED A -10 IT WAS SO BAD!
Nov 26, 2009
Boo to remakes of classic Christmas movies! However, there are some Hallmark-y /slash/ Lifetime-y movies with syrup on top, that will get me by... :o}
Nov 25, 2009
Yay Packers vs Lions.. sighh