Your Generation: bigger, brighter, faster, 3D!

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Shaun Micallef cautiously agrees to more Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation without outstaying his welcome.

Shaun Micallef is fast becoming the new hero of Channel TEN. Without Rove McManus on air, he has been pushed to the front of the line as a key network personality, despite the fact that his image is smartly "anti-establishment". Anyone who has seen the new network promo of celebs in rehab knows what a perfect fit he has become.

This Sunday, Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation returns for the first of a two-block run this year. As evidence of the network's faith in the show, this year it has had its production run increased.

"I think we're doing 25, but at the moment it's 21," says Micallef. "There's an extra four or five they want. I don't know if that's official yet.

"Last time we did 17 and I like that number because it's odd. It doesn't sound like a standard run at all. It sounds like they cancelled a few! Originally we were just going to do 13 and then they said let's do a Christmas show and let's do some other ones until I said 'let's not do anymore'."

Micallef says there are no plans to mess with the show's format, but admits there is room to grow a little.

"The first show seems to be scale, they just went bigger which is fine, but then you end up with a bit of a rod for your back if you try and make every show bigger than the previous one.

"I'm encouraging them that maybe one game can be bigger or maybe the next one can simply be a different idea," he says.

"We don't want to have 12 new games in the first show. It will move in the way that something that runs 26 weeks should move. Sure-footedly and imperceptibly it will be slightly ahead of the game."

First guests for the year include Britain's legendary TV puppet, Basil Brush, politician Joe Hockey and Rush star Jolene Anderson. The show even has a 3D segment (select magazines have special 3D glasses).

As a further vote of confidence, Your Generation has also been elevated to 7:30pm Sundays against Seven and Nine's big guns.

"Now we're actually leading the armada instead of being this weird little boat that came in on a Tuesday night!" says Micallef.

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