Watch the First Teaser for Syfy's Zombiefest Z Nation, Starring Harold Perrineau and DJ Qualls (VIDEO)

It's common knowledge that zombie viruses spread rapidly, but did you know that they've mutated to the point where they can now be transmitted between TV networks to infect even more unsuspecting people? Zombie viruses are freaking smart, man. It's like they've been reading Marketing for Dummies or something. It might be wise to build a massive pillow fort to protect your family from the undead who are just waiting to eat your brains and ruin your lives for no good reason.

But before you do that, you should check out the first teaser trailer for Z Nation, Syfy's upcoming answer to the zombie craze that is sweeping the nation and probably your neighborhood as we speak. Created by former Eureka producer Karl Schaefer and starring starring Lost's Harold Perrineau, Supernatural's DJ Qualls, and Southland's Tom Everett Scott, Z Nation is set three years after a zombie virus wipes out much of the country's population. It follows a team of regular dudes as they transport the only known survivor of the virus from New York to California, where a viral lab is waiting to hopefully create a vaccine from his blood. Here's a first look:

Well, what do you think? 

Z Nation is scheduled to premiere sometime in September.

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