Zac Efron as Spider-Man? Gross!

... High School Musical dandyfop Zac Efron may have landed the coveted role of the new Peter Parker in the rebooted Spider-Man movie franchise, which will reportedly go back to Parker's high school days. Director Sam Raimi will also not be involved. Translation: The new Spider-Man will suck. Just like the third movie did. [OK! (British tabloid, so beware)]

... Matthew Broderick is going to give TV a shot, joining the comedy pilot Beach Lane. It's about an author who gets hired by a wacky millionaire to run a small-town newspaper in the Hamptons. Sounds like a great fit for Broderick. Oh wait, it's an NBC project. Ick. Good luck with that, dude. [THR]

... Ricky Gervais, creator of the original The Office, has confirmed that the UK's version of Michael Scott, David Brent (who Gervais plays), will be dropping by the US version sometime. Upon seeing Michael and David in the same office, Dwight will insist that they don't touch or occupy the same space as that could result in a rip in the time-space contuum and the end of the universe. Because they're the same person, you see? [The Sun]

... The very funny (or in my opinion, terribly unfunny) Andy Samberg, who became famous by putting his penis inside a gift box and singing about it, is joining the very funny (or in my opinion, terribly unfunny) Parks and Recreation for a guest role. He'll play the head of park security and probably wear a fake mustache and make funny faces, because that's his idea of comedy. [NY Post]

... TLC's Cake Boss has been renewed for a third season. Sweet! (Get it? Zing! Okay, I'll shut up now.) [Orlando Sentinel]

... Remember how everyone was saying Caprica's low premiere numbers were the result of the pilot having been released online for free a few months ago? Well the second episode came around and drew even less viewers: 1.4 million to the premiere's 1.6 million. Oops. BSG this ain't. [TV By The Numbers]

... Lost fan? Drop what you're doing and check out this AWESOME interactive timeline to refresh your island knowledge. Be sure to listen to the audio clips from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. [NY Times]

... You know what we don't have enough of? Shows about New York City cops! Thankfully, CBS has picked up a pilot for Reagan's Law, about a family of NYPD officers. Phew. The network also picked up something we need more of: a medical drama! Now if only someone would make a show about lawyers... [THR]

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