Zombies invade Moving Wallpaper

Moving Wallpaper returns with a new zombie focus this week following the cancellation of its sister show Echo Beach. The ITV soap, which was launched alongside Moving Wallpaper in 2007, was dropped from our screens last July and this week it's axed again—this time as part of the Moving Wallpaper storyline.

Hoping for a second chance at success the fictional production company, led by disaster-prone producer Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller), will return with a new zombie pilot starring ex-model, reality TV star and occasional actress Kelly Brook alongside Lost's Alan Dale.

The new series will pick up where the old series left off, with Jonathan and his team awaiting their fate at the hands of the ITV boss Nancy Weeks, played by Raquel Cassidy.

As the news of Echo Beach's demise sinks in however, Renaissance is born.

"I am disappointed Echo Beach didn't work," Tony Jordan, creator of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach said in a statement, "I always envisaged that Jonathan would move on and make other television shows but the demise of Echo Beach hastened that really."

Moving Wallpaper's second series begins on ITV1 this Friday, February 27, at 9pm and the pilot of Renaissance will be shown at the end of the six-week run.

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