Forums: Off-Topic: Disputes on Indonesia Defense Corruption Index

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    Ramadhan Pohan, the deputy chairman of House Commission I that oversees defense issues, questioned the

    validity of results from a recent survey conducted by watchdog Transparency International UK.

    In the survey, whose results were announced earlier this week, Indonesia was given an E, one step above the

    lowest score, in the Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index. The score meant that Indonesia is considered

    to be at "very high risk" of corruption.

    Ramadhan said that the results of the survey were baseless. "Who does it involve, where is the evidence? If

    one accuses without providing the evidence, that is tyrannical," said Ramadhan, a lawmaker from the ruling

    Democratic Party.

    He said that if there were any violation, he would not hinder any legal process. But he added that law

    enforcement could not be based on opinion and perception.

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