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    I promise see you ready guide thanks K yes the on sky have like okay I'm taking you to Los Angelestonight you can start on yeah good for gonna be just so amazing for our lives and my wife deserves everybit of it thank you for taking a chance on meships of course I'm home alone I'm shocked am reallyexcited and i cant believe the appropriate and in one year from now I my reality willbe completely just can't can't thank you enough forthat opportunity like totally helping me get my life back must be someof on some other I am too so happy for her and finally get her weight under controlwhich is kept her from so many things in fromletting people know awesome amazing wayLiso Cleansethat she is on on 24 hours ago checking art Florida anhour drive California health and longevity is to produce yes walking to the California Health &longevity Institute 21 we crash course in which me speech the participantseverything that they need to learn in order to transform I can't lay out aplan until I know where you're at right nowit's time for the way okay so when you get a deal is goupstairs get changed I'm job back okay lmao you check a few nervous scared to see when I actually way you know where we are read a loading dock to suffered scale you it's difficult to find medical scansactually actually overseeing house this is something you been running waysince.

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