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    You know these are exceptions to the rule but in up to you know and maybe they would get better results with carbohydrate restriction but I haven't been able to convince them up that I although they need to get frequent meals so one advantage to eating a low-carbohydrate higher fat diet is that I can eat two meals a day and be totally fine whereas a you know it several people I know including my girlfriend actually any she needs teat like every two or three hours because this yes dips in blood glucose levels and I'm it's interesting and my lifestyle and I think most people can cannot put themselves and in this category I is which favor in eating pattern that is not so frequent if an and so getting back to your original question the you know the it depends on what you 'reusing if you're using it for health management and weight loss in shall we just put it under the a blank the blanket metabolic health optimal metabolic health would be achieved awe is carbohydrate restriction definitely but with some level calorie restriction either intermittent calorie restriction or aren't some level of calorie restriction to promote a calorie deficit at least at certain periods and time and if there is a period of calorie surplus it.

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