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  • WWC and 2Shae are extremly bad people that makes empty promises and screws people because they have money and can get away with it!

    On January 22nd, 2006 at 12:30 am, I was woken up by a very loud sound and a lot of screaming. When my apartment turned bright red from all the flashing lights caused by police cars, fire trucks and ambulance, I looked outside my balcony to find my 1965 Thunderbird up on the sidewalk with severe front end damage with both front tires bent inwards.

    I ran down stairs in tears to find that a drunk driver (according to witness & police) was speeding down my residential street after leaving a nearby night club and his back tire blew out, lost control of his 2002 Ford Explorer and crashed into my parked car damaging the entire front end as well as my 1 1/2 year investment.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Happens to be that the driver was Christian Matthew May... or as everyone knows him on Pimp My Ride and West coast Customz as 2Shae. Naturally he had no insurance information on him and was taken away in handcuffs. I left 2shae a message on January 23rd and after waiting several days for him or his insurance company to return my call, I went ahead and wrote him a letter on January 25th expressing my extreme concern over the situation.

    He called me the next day (January 26Tth) apologizing for what had happened, claiming full responsibility and admitted to me that he had been drinking and was being stupid. He promised over and over again to hook me up with all the necessary repairs and even asked me what color I wanted the car painted. He also mentioned at the time reimbursing me for the towing and storage fees, for the meantime. His plan to me was to have someone from WWC call me to arrange the flatbed tow truck to pick my car up for the storage yard and bring it over to the shop that Friday, January 27th. Well, Friday came and went and I didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t hear back from 2Shae or anyone from WWC. I phoned the shop towards the end of that day and spoke to Fred. He mentioned he was aware of the situation but that the flatbed was in San Diego at the time.

    The following Monday, January 30th, I attempted to reach 2Shae several times by phone and when he finally answered his cell phone (the only phone number I had), he said he had a meeting with his boss that Friday, February 3rd to discuss the plan for my car and told me that someone from the shop would call me that Friday or the following Monday, February 6th to let me know the plan for my repairs. He asked me to be patient with the repairs and told me that West Coast Customz would probably not be able to start the repairs until after his car was repaired (already in the shop at that time according to 2Shae) and after court date (February 16th) but would at least get my car in the shop for now. I told him that as long as he keeps me in the loop and communicates with me that I can be very patient and understanding with the overwhelming situation that he had put himself in. I even sent him an e-mail with all the pictures that I had from the accident for his court date to help him out.

    I mentioned getting my car out of storage before the fees went up any higher since it was $25 a day and I wouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be able to afford it later but told me not to move my car until I hear back from him that Friday or Monday at the latest. Another week went by and once again \\\\\\\"2Shae\\\\\\\" or anyone from WWC didn\\\\\\\'t called me. After giving them a few more days to contact me, I went ahead and paid for the storage fee myself (which came out to be a lot more then if I took it out when I was planning to) and moved my car out of storage on February 9th.

    After over a week of non-communication on his part, I sent another letter once again on February 9th expressing my extreme concern that he never called me back and nobody from West Coast Customz ever contacted me except this time he never responded to my letter, didn\\\\\\\'t returned any of my calls, responded to any e-mails and I even tried reaching 2Shae and his supervisors at WWC at work by phone and fax but had no success and no replies from anybody.

    I left 2Shae many messages, wrote letters and emails on February 28th and again on March 10th basically begging him to make good of all his promises to me to fix my car that he ruined. After all, why should I be the one to pay for his extremely bad judgment? I took my poor car to a body shop for an estimate and was told it would be over $7,000 to repair! No lawyer would take my case because I was not in the car and injured at the time of the accident so no big $$ in it for them. My only option would be small claims court and the most you can collect is $5,000 which would not be nearly enough money to repair the damage that 2Shae did to my 1965 Thunderbird, reimburse me for the towing fee or the storage fees.

    I\\\\\\\'ve exhausted all options, had many sleepless nights, bad panic attacks daily, anxiety and thanks to 2Shae, I\\\\\\\'ve been forced to walk to and from work (about 2 miles each way) which wouldn\\\\\\\'t be so bad if it wasn\\\\\\\'t winter, if I didn\\\\\\\'t have severe asthma and if I didn\\\\\\\'t get harassed by passing cars every day which puts me in a very foul mood by the time I get to work and home.

    A few friends/clients at work suggested contacting the Producers of \\\\\\\"Pimp My Ride\\\\\\\" (since nobody from West Coast Customz wants to acknowledge the situation that 2Shae has put them in) to inform that I was a victim of negligence by one of your employees and that I only want him to step up and do the honorable thing. They too decided to avoid me and not acknowldge the situation.

    I\\\\\\\'ve watch the show many times and know that its about finding someone who can not afford to \\\\\\\"pimp\\\\\\\" their ride so MTV and WWC makes it happen for them. Why is it that an employee from \\\\\\\"Pimp My Ride\\\\\\\" damaged my parked car and although 2Shae and WWC has everything they need to just fix my ride (not pimp it out) has decided not to and would rather have me go through all this headache and court fees for whatever reason? I think this car would even be a great candidate for \\\\\\\"Pimp My Ride\\\\\\\" since it\\\\\\\'s a classic 1965 Thunderbird with only front end damage (that 2Shae caused!) which would be easily repairable at the shop and with it\\\\\\\'s crew.

    I\\\\\\\'ve invested too much time, money (and I don\\\\\\\'t make a lot of it!!) , hard work and headaches to ever just let this go as bad luck and my lose. I\\\\\\\'ve also attempted to contact supervisors at WWC since 2Shae offered their services in his promises but once again, everyone avoids this issue.

    Unfortunately 2Shae has left me no choice but to pursue legal action and although I know I will win, I would much rather just have my car back. This has been my dream car for many, many years and even after a divorce, lose of job, even being evicted, I still managed to make my dream car slowly come to life. I just had the upholstry completed 18 hours prior to the accident and didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even get a chance to drive my car with the new headliner and quarter panels. A week prior to that I had a new water pump and manifold gasket installed. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' been a lot of work and money for this to happen to me....

    I just do not think it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s fair that 2Shae goes into my neighborhood, speeds \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"drunk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" down my street, hits my parked car, works at a body shop, makes all promises to have WWC make all repairs and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"hook me up\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" then basically tells me tough **** it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s just not right!

    After my court case, I only won $3000 which does not even cover half of what it will coast to repair my damaged car. WWC and Pimp My Ride (with bondo) can go to hell. Thanks guys.. you really messed me up!!!!!!!moreless