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  • I love 50 Cent ! ! !

    It is gangster music.
    Icall it black people music.
    It's gangster rap.I like 50 cent because he has great lyrics, concerts and videos. My favourite tracks are - I Get Money, I'll Still Kill, Ayo Technology, In De Club and 21 Questions.
    I think it's quite heavy music. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Talented Please go look the word up before you say that about 50!!!!!!

    He has no talent all this dude does is complain, and he can't rap for nothing and he will never be one of the greatest of all time. Kanye final put his behind where he should of been long time ago, GONE. I'm glad he didn't sell more records then Kanye because now he has to live up to his word and not bring out another track and that is just great for me because I tired of hearing 50 and 50 is cocky he think he is so great because you sell alot of records but it is more then selling records, his personality sucks.
  • 50 Cent is the best rapper right now. I don`t know why people hate 50 Cent. 50 Cent got Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Olivia, Mobb Deep, Spider Loc, M.O.P, Young Hot Rod, and other`s in his group called G-Unit.

    I have his Get Rich or Die Tryin and The Massacre. And his soundtrack. They`re all great. I can`t wait until his next album comes out entitled Curtis. I also liked his movie. 50 Cent have his own charity company, and his own energy drink. I also have a pair if G-Unit sneakers. 50 Cent also wrote a book about his life. 50 Cent rules. He also guest starred on my favorite show The Simpsons. So all these haters that are hatin on 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew, I`ve got two words for ya, Suck It!!!!!!!!!!! GGGG-Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 50 Cent is the best rapper right now. I don`t know why people hate him. 50 Cent got Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep, Spider Loc, and other`s in his group called G-Unit. I hate Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Nas, and the game. They all suck.

    I have two of 50 Cent`s albums. Get Rich Or Die Tryin and The Massacre. I can`t wait until 50 Cent`s next album entitled Curtis comes out. And I have the soundtrack of Get Rich Or Die Tryin the movie. 50 Cent has a lot of money. 50 Cent also have his own charity company and his own energy drink called Formula 50. I also have some G-Unit sneakers. I get so offended when people call G-Unit by another bad name. I didn`t know it`s a lot of people that hate 50. 50 Cent is my favorite rapper. And he`s doing real good. People used to like him back in 2003. And I don`t know why people turned on him for no reason. I also like the other rappers in his group. I also hate the game because I didn`t like what he said about G-Unit. 50 Cent also guest starred on my favorite show The Simpsons. 50 Cent rules. So all of these haters that`s hatin on 50 Cent, I`ve got two words for y`all, SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • empty

    50 Cent is one of Eminem's "kids" who he brought into the world of rap. I like alot of 50 Cent's music but some of it fits the rap category which I hate which is a song which has no music but plain rap. I am looking forward to 50's next album if he makes one.
  • 50 Cent is the best rapper right now. I don`t know why people hate 50 Cent. 50 Cent got Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Olivia, Mobb Deep, Spider Loc, and others in his group called G-Unit. I hate Ja-rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Nas, and the game.

    They all suck. I have two of 50 Cents album. I have Get Rich Or Die Tryin, and The Massacre. Oh and I have his soundtrack. And I like his movie. 50 Cent has a whole lot of money. And he has his own charity. I have a few pair of his G-Unit sneakers. I get so offended when people call G-Unit another stupid name. I don`t even wanna write it. And the game wanna copy off 50 Cent and make his own stupid shoes. The game sucks. His album sucks. The Massacre is waaaaaaaaaaay better than his stupid album called the Documentary. And 50 Cent got his own book about him. He also guest starred on my favorite show The Simpsons. So all these haters that hatin on 50 cent and G-Unit, I`ve got two words for y`all, suck it.

  • empty

    What is this. A gangsta rapper. I hate gangstas like fiddy. He should be poor and on the street. He is evil
  • he is so hott.he's on fire

    i have never seen the movie he was in and i never heard anybody talk bout it so he was probaly good in it.

    he is hott and he is a good rapper but he is not better than eminem.i love him.he loves his son and his fan and his family.he has that sexy little dimple that makes him look sexy.
  • I use 2 love him but now I think he is thg

    5O Cent is a awful rapper and I can't believe I liked him before. I was stupid or something. He even support Bush and that's awful. All his hits are all about getting ladies in his bed. He is jusst the worst rapper of all time. His G-Unit is awful too, yellin G-Unit all around, lol. Only thing I like in G-Unit is Mobb Deep. They are great, I dont know how they can be in G-Unot. And The Game is so much better without Fifty on his back. Now You all know how I hate Fifty Cent and I will hate him
  • Fiddy cent, you suck!!!

    I can't belive he actually has a record label!!! Newsflash fiddy no one likes you or cares about you!! How dare anyone compare you to Tupac, one of the greatest artists of all time!!! 50 cent dosen't deserve anything he has, not that he has much at all. Why people actually like you're music baffels me day after day. Some of my friends from class think that he's hott... All I have to say to them is "wtf?"
    I can't belive that you win awards and you're still famous. In my last words for this Review I'd like to say "Fiddy You Suck!!!"
  • Ok, Not exactly 2 PAC, but still he is talented.

    50 Cent, Aka "Fiddy" or "Curtis Jackson". . .

    I think this guy is OK. His music, I think it's actually quite good. I mean you compare his stuff to the rest of those geeks out there, all those wanabe's, newcommers. Get A life, they just want money, they should be shot.
    50 has been shot. 9 times, not for crappy music though, because his music isn't crap. His Music career is much greater than his acting though, no offense to the guy, but I would rather he just stays within the music industry, he is a lesser actor.

    Get rich or die tryin', sucka!
  • rappers suck[r u joking not even a ZERO?!]

    i hate rappers they have no idea how to sing i mean there are ALOT of filipino pimps in my school[oh yeah and i go to a catholic school!]well i live in canada so it\'s different we dont wear uniforms only when ur in high school. i can tolerate SOME hip-hop though.i like rock more than hip-hop cuz it\'s my kind of music.but 50 cent is the wurst rappers of all..i hate this centuries music....and i HATE their baggy clothes!!!!!
  • Are you serious? (This thing won't let me give it a 0.)

    This trend is so dumb! All these morons at school going around like "Yo, yo, yo, yo." This kid at my school walks around like he's on drugs, I ask one of his friends why he does that, you know what he says? He says, "'Cause he's a pimp." What the crap? 50 Cent has no talent. I'm sorry, rap-lovers but Candy Shop? I agree with whoever wrote that review that it's so dumb. Rappers just like getting tons of money and girls, and GETTING that money by having these kids be brainwashed by retards like this! Have you guys seen Romeo? Dumb. There's some show on Nickelodeon, Thugaboo? It's on as I'm writing, and these gangsta rap wannabe kids and one of them goes outside and says, "Yo yo, son yo check out this joint these beats are HOT yo yo family what's bouncin' yo?". I despise gangsta rap. Some hip-hop I can tolerate, but when I hear "ain't" "crib" "yo" and "pimp". I just wanna SHOOT somebody! And by the way sun_glows, I know you're a girl because who the crud listens to Avril Lavigne and Jesse McCartney. This generation has no taste in music. Listen to Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day or good rock! Not brain-dead slack rap like this cheapo bling-hoarding spoiled brat poser! I know someone reading this right now totally is cheering because there are PLENTY of people out there totally hating gangsta rap. So, I hope you agree.
  • 50 cent? Next tupac? You have got to be kidding me! There lucky i cant put a zero...

    Please 50 cent as the next tupac? oh hell no! He can not rap for sh*t! I mean he says he kives his life as a gangsta and all but Candy shop? What the f*ck is that? Man 50 cent should just do us all a favor and quit rappin! If i were Dr. Dre and Em i should feel pretty embarrassed! He has no talent, he would probably get his ass whooped in a freestyle, he has no talent what so EVER! He sucks sooo bad! I am still shocked, he gives rapping a bad name. I have heard many of his songs to see what the big deal was and well i could not find one piece of rawness. He calls himself raw? Please Mr. Curtis " half a dollar, no good, wanna be rapper, fake ass" Jackson...yea that should be his new name...im giving my 2 cents...
  • Loser.

    50 Cent cannot rap **** at all. With talents as amuzing as watching two tennis rackets fight to the death, this guy needs to quit rappin' and live a normal life. I have heard his songs before and they are not awesome. So, in short, he just needs to stop rappin' and do something else.
  • You guys are crazy!!

    50 is one of the most original artists around right now. Yes, he raps about money & bullsh**, but he also raps about the life he's lived. He doesn't sound like every other boring rapper out there. It doesn't hurt that he is crazy hot!! I love that 'smile', he looks like the boy next door. YUM!
  • Well, Curtis (50Cent) Jackson definitely tells it like it is. He was shot 9 times. His mom was a street hustler/killed when Curtis was 8. His Papi was a rollin' stone. He didn't have the best life growing up. But he isn't the best I've heard!!

    To: "unification" You said people who make rap are posers and. Now, you have the right to opinion but I got something to say on it. (and you're welcome to do the same.)

    WARNING, the person who posted this review is African-American.
    Now, for the record, I don't exactly like 50 Cent either! I don't really like the beats that he produces and I don't agree with his lyrical verbage. 50 is funny. He's not cool he's funny. Now, I just hope for his sake that he doesn't live like ScarFace. especially after he survived (with God's major assistance) a total of 9 bullets in his body.

    I find what you say to be just as offensive as the rap that you claim to know everything about. That made me angry. But just because I'm angry, that doesn't mean that I'm gonna act like Scarface, towards you.

    I'm a future music producer myself, and I don't like that you call me dumb simply because I make rap music and R&B.
    So since you wanna belittle our music, please allow me to proceed laying the smack down on ya! I wonder how you dumb Jabronies keep your damn voices by scream at the top of your lungs about how much you hate the world!!! Why do you guys do that. Oh. that's right. Because the music your trying to sing over is too damn loud!!!

    And speaking of drugs and women. let me educate you. You whites started the "Ho Bidness" or "Prostitution." We blacks just added more flavor to it. But y'all stole Rock from us. (it started with jazz then into The BLUES. Elvis got his swagger from African-American churchgoers. Oh, It's true, It's true!)

    The good rappers (like Jay-Z, P-Diddy, Mase) rap about their growing experiences in the ghetto. The got out of the ghetto and reached their goals.

    You need to realize that all blacks are not like 50 Cent, 2Pac or LudaCris.

    Yeah, and rappers rap about many things. (I.E. drugs, women, money, possessions, love, childhood, guns, clothes, jewelery, life, goodtimes in life, and things that represent them.) Most rappers just talk shit. They are very ignorant and will kill anyone who object. I hate them too. That's what you (have the tight to) call a "nigger." We blacks hate niggers, too. Blacks are trying to get their minds right and get a good education/job (which requires no pimpin', hustlin' or killin')which will get them to their goals. (like me.) I have respect for women, (but not "Ho's" and "bitches", there's a difference) The niggers are the ones who are loud, ignorant, nasty and will kill simply because their enemy had objected.

    It's obvious that you've been listening to the wrong stuff. Stay away from Rap since it upsets you so much. Plus, the people who are killing others off, they come in different sizes colors and shapes. Not just in the form of a rapper. Also psychotic people with guns and bad habits.

    miscellaneos fact: Selina got killed by the leader of her fan club.
    Princess Diana was killed in an accident by a drunk driver. So don't just blame it on rap.

    How about this, go watch to your stupid little Brady Bunch/ FRIENDS shows, and go listen to you nasty-ass Britney, and your punk-ass LinkinPark in your Scion xB...and I'll be rumbling the main road with my self-taylor-made rap music and ridin' those road bumps, doing the "Caddy shimmy" in my ESCALADE, sitting on 24-inch Beveled Chrome rims. (But I also like that Classic American Muscle and Hot Rods.)

    If y'all can wear skin-tight shirts, skin-tight pants, spiked collars, pocket chains and weird hairstyles, then let us sag our jeans, wear our long shirts, Nike shoes, shiny silver/gold, and mysterious waves in our low cut hair(either that or corn rows or combed out afroes.)

    after 629 words, I hope you see my point.
    Thank you.
  • 50 Cent

    He is my favourite rapper because his rap songs are cool. In my opinion he is the best rapper around and he is the proper rapper unlike John Cena who is an overrated piece of crap who thinks he is better than everyone else. This guy 50 Cent is cool.
  • G-UNOT! i can't believe dr. dre and eminem. why would they sign a little wanksta like 50 cent to their label. it only makes them look worse in the rap and hip hop game. everybody in my school are dissin' 50, dre, and em.

    g-g-g-g-g-gay-unit! i hate 50 cent so much. his albums aren't even hood-made. look at the song candy shop. and that's gangsta? i don't think so mna. the reason why get rich or die tryin is the biggest album sold is because dre and em produced it. and i bet his movie has nothing to do with his life. except that he got shot up in this hood. get rid of 50 cent! he ain't tight no more!
  • he is bad he makes a bad name for blacks he needs to try to fix her month first

    50 cent is too much he trats girls like trash and he know that he needs to be a gentelman like opther men like diddy she needs to show some respect his cd sold over a buillion he nneds to donate some of that money to the katrina people i did not see his name on the donate list with the katrina poeple is is such a show off i hate him soo much he needs to stop thinking he is all of that which he is not other rappers ar bigger and better than him m&m suck too i am going to review him next he gites a 1
  • Just a little bit of critique

    50 cent owns. He's just a little overrated, that's all. But he keeps bringing skilled rappers into G-Unit and makes good songs himself.

    You know he has
    what it takes to make the club go outta control
    good plan turn the music up a lttle bit...

    he'll take ya to the candyshop nuff said.
  • 50 cent is the greatest rapper ever !

    50 cent is awsome ! He was the first rapper I really evered liked there music . All his songs have a really great beat ... and his auhmazing rapping ! He is just one of the really talened rappers that alot of people want of the radio because his songs are to " dirtty " well you know we need dirtty songs !
  • he is a very talented rapper, the next tupac,i think. he can make raps about the hood,drugs, gurls,and about anything and he will still cum out on top. get rish or die tryin sold 11million worldwide. the massacre sold 1.14million in the first few days, an

    he is the best rapper out yet. i dont think he can git any more succesfull. uh yea nvm, never doubt 50. he made the record label g unit which are the best rappers ever! g g g g g UNIT!!! the're too good 2 b tru. i hav every1 of there cds and i like jus got tony yayos new cd and it is hott. but 50 cent made like all the best songs. and they r all my favorite. wat would this world do without fifty?i knw, we wood hav 2 listen 2 all that crap music like fat joe and ja rule. yea right. thank god for 50 cent. hes like the best
  • A Talented Rapper

    50 Cent is a very talented rapper. He's won so many awards it's too many to count. In 2003 his album sold over more than 11 million copies. 50 cent is a very poular Hip-Hop Artist. He has beef with rapper Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Jadakiss and so much more. He also has hs own record label called G-Unit and thats his groups name. Which stads for Guerilla Unit. 50 Cent is a ver talented rapper.
  • EWW!!!!!!!!! 50 CENT?????? OH PLEASE!!!!!

    This dude sucks. Sorry but he does. I can't stand him or his music. It's just very annoying. He is running out of things to put in his music. I can't even see how he got started in the first place. rappers suck...they have no idea how to accually sing. Esspecially this one. People who accually listen to this junk...are just outta their minds! Listen to real music and check out Avril Lavigne. Or Jesse McCartney, or Simple PLan, anyone but this guy! Or this music!
  • 50cent should have a show!

    He is very talented in singing.That's why i like him.I haven't seen anybody greater since tupac.I think he should sing a lot more new songs because I enjoy 50cent's songs because they have great rthym to it.I have not seen a concert but im sure he puts on great show for the audience.
  • The greatest hip hop artist, since 2 pac. G G G G G G UNIT!

    Hes jus the don, 17 million records in 2 years ova two solo albums, movie coming out soon the apart of the biggest record label out shady aftermath and is running g unit the best rap group ever every rapper too date to come out of g unit has been platinum