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      Q: How'd You Come Up in The Game?:
      A: I was introduced to Jam Master Jay by a friend of mine and he gave me my first shot to get on a record. But the Tour Schedule for Run-D.M.C. became so hectic that he couldn't concentrate on me. I moved forward and ended up meeting Corey Rooney and got a record deal at Columbia. He was Jennifer Lopez executive producer, that's how I met her. My first album came out in 99. But I got shot, and dropped from Columbia Records. I had to figure out how to market myself. So I spent a few months out of town to heal up and everything. When I came back down I started working the mixtape circuit. I tried to have a song on every mixtape on the street. I wasn't in a hurry cause it would have been my 3rd record deal and I wanted to be successful the Third time around.
      Q: How'd You Come up with the G-Unit Concept?:
      A: G-Unit stands for Guerilla Unit. I didn't use Guerilla because that group had that Video Out. Remember that cartoon? So I used G-Unit Instead. It was 6 of us at one point. Myself, Yayo, Sha Money & 2 other guys. Lloyd was too young at the time.
      Q: What's Your Favorite Song off 'Beg for Mercy'?/Why?:
      A: My favorite song is 'Smile'. It's cause I put together the kind of record that I feel will give Banks a big start. I enjoy the whole record, but I feel like it'll set up his career and now he can go to the material that he has.
      Q: What's Your Favorite Song of all time?/Why?:
      A: In Da Club.. It was just me lighting it up and have some fun. I made the Record in 30 minutes, me and Dre. After it was done it became so big. It's my biggest record to date. Other then that, I like the Marshall Mathers LP, I listen to it all the time and try to get it. He did something that people identified with, that's why the love him so much. That's what I want to do.
      Q: Who were your influences growing up?:
      A: Run-D.M.C., KRS-1, Rakim was Hot.
      Q: What Made You Want to be a Rapper?:
      A: I always loved the music. It wasn't until I thought about it and it was time to make a different decision in the route of my life. My son was on his way, so I had to do something different. I couldn't afford to be back and forth in jail.
      Q: What Artist and/or Producer Would You Like to Work with?:
      A: I'd like to work with Steve Wonder as artist or producer cause he can do both. I've worked with a lot of people so its hard to say. Also, Prince, if I can get him to do something like his older material.
      Q: What other Album, aside from 'Beg For Mercy', are you anticipating this year?:
      A: Lloyd Banks Album March 9th, his album is coming. Eminem is gonna put out a new album. I heard some of it and its crazy. I'm excited to hear that record.
      Q: What's your Most Memorable Moment Since Everything Jumped Off In The Past Year?:
      A: The first week sales on 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I acceded everyone's expectations at that point. I was in ATL for the NBA all star weekend at when I found out.
      Q: What do you do in your free time when you have it?:
      A: Write Music or just at the crib going through beats. I work all the time. I'm listening to music that they (other members of G-Unit) made that I haven't listened to yet. I try to get in the Gym. You are limited to what you can do with your training while on the road.
      Q: What's the Difference between performing Here in the US and Abroad?:
      A: Overseas.. they're both cool, I enjoy them both. Everyone knows the words here, so that's when I get the momentum. Overseas, they try to learn the music and the words. Their energy is higher than the states at times.