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  • He deserves better!

    A.J. Buckley seems like one of those young actors that never really got a good shot to be noticed completely. I think he is perfect for the role as Adam who seems very clumsy but sweet and innocent at the same time. He gives that character something special, so you don't wanna get enough of him. I could imagine the character Adam to become a field investigator sooner or later. He definitely deserves better to be more in the spotlight on the show, as he is not only witty but also very charming. I just love the interaction between his character and his big boss Mac. It is always so entertaining how Adam is impressed by his boss' abilities and he always tries to make him be proud of him too. He is the perfect choice for the role as Adam, it makes the show more fun and interesting. I'm sure CSI:NY will also help A.J. Buckley to get more bigger & challenging roles in the future! He definitely deserves it.
  • He's great

    Ok, I've never seen CSI: NY; it's not something i'm interested in but I got a chance to meet AJ at Asylum and I have to say he was amazing.

    He came in late because he was working on CSI but he was so lovely. He didn't arrive until the evening on the Saturday but he still spent time signing autographs.

    And he was so funny. On the Sunday; he was doing a panel with Travis and they were so funny together; especially when they did that bit in Ghostfacers where they were arguing about making out with Maggie.

    So I have to say that he is now one of my favourite people just for being so amazing.
  • A.J. Buckley is the blue-eyed, multi-talented, eclectic actor/producer who should have been a much bigger star. But time is still on his side...

    A.J. Buckley was born in Dublin Ireland and immigrated to Vancouver Canada at the age of 6. At age 27 he has spent the past 12 yrs in the film and television industry. Aj has quickly emerged as one of Canada’s and Hollywood’s brightest talents, staring in more than 22 feature films. And guest staring on televisions hottest shows. He has worked along side Hollywood’s A list and has achieved critical acclaim in many of his performances (Miramax “Blue Car”, MGM’s Disturbing Behavior)

    As a writer producer Aj has spent the last three yrs on the other side of the camera, Working with the most renowned Emmy award winning Television director David Nutter, on a T.V show entitled Home, which he co wrote and will produce with Nutter. Aj is currently producing two reality based shows that are in pre production right now. Aj will next be seen staring in the Scfi movie “Manticore” and the highly anticipated “Jimmy and Judy” at the end of the year.

    Why is he not a bigger star, well... it is hard to understand. He has got it all: talent, versatility, beauty and charisma.
    Maybe one day, his art will be rewarded...