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  • He deserves better!

    A.J. Buckley seems like one of those young actors that never really got a good shot to be noticed completely. I think he is perfect for the role as Adam who seems very clumsy but sweet and innocent at the same time. He gives that character something special, so you don't wanna get enough of him. I could imagine the character Adam to become a field investigator sooner or later. He definitely deserves better to be more in the spotlight on the show, as he is not only witty but also very charming. I just love the interaction between his character and his big boss Mac. It is always so entertaining how Adam is impressed by his boss' abilities and he always tries to make him be proud of him too. He is the perfect choice for the role as Adam, it makes the show more fun and interesting. I'm sure CSI:NY will also help A.J. Buckley to get more bigger & challenging roles in the future! He definitely deserves it.