A.J. Cook

A.J. Cook


7/22/1978, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Andrea Joy Cook



Also Known As

Andrea Cook
  • A.J. Cook from Criminal Minds
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    • A.J.: (on watching herself perform in TV) Anything before season 7, I'm just like, ugh. Because it just seems like a whole other life. It was another lifetime for me, and I was a different person. Looking back at those old episodes, I feel like I'm not even looking at myself. It's been quite the evolution. I don't like to sit around and watch myself on TV. It's funny, because our show is literally on 24/7, so I could just sit there and watch it over and over again. But no, it's hard!

    • A.J.: (on the success of Criminal Minds) You're not going to see us advertise. We're not in your face in the media; we're sort of this quiet show that just gets great numbers. I think people kind of feel like they found it, discovered it. You know when you find a show and you're like, 'This show's great!' and you sort of tell people about it, and it's sort of word of mouth? People feel like a connection to the show, and these characters.

    • A.J.: (on her role in Criminal Minds and what is new in season 9 of that show for her) She's got this enigmatic past. She went away in season 6 and came back a different character. Season 9 is going to be answering what happened that year she was away.

    • A.J.: (on acting) It's so easy to get used to playing a role. Then all of the sudden when you're tossed out of it, it's almost like you have to remember how to act again!

    • A.J.: (on her clothes) I have a whole closet in my house that's dedicated just to jackets and coats, stuff that I've collected over the years.

    • A.J.: (on her favorite type of movies) I really like suspenseful movies and movies that make you think.

    • A.J.: (on the learning in her career) There are some things I wish I never knew, but I am grateful for things that I have learned, too.

    • A.J.: (on her son) He's such a good baby. I feel so lucky that he's mine. My husband and I feel very blessed!

    • A.J.: (on her role in Final Destination 2 (2003)) It's challenging in the way that it's a lot of work, I'm very busy. It's challenging in a way that it's a sequel and I feel I got big shoes to fill. I wasn't at all affiliated with the first one and it was very successful and I'm just kind of afraid that people will get to the theatre and say, 'Who's this girl? She wasn't in the first one!' So that pressure is there and in that sense... it has been difficult.

    • A.J.: (on her fans) I have some amazing fans! They're just so dedicated and so nice and so sweet. I'm like no one and I'm just starting out and these people appreciate your work and it's nice to hear that.

    • A.J.: (on her real life persona) I am just your everyday, average girl. I live by the beach. I wear flip flops. I don't wear make-up. I go to the gym. My husband and I are just really laid back people.

    • A.J.: (About her most challenging role) I think the hardest one was this film I did called Ripper, it was a genre film.

    • A.J.: I really like a suspenseful movies and movies that make you think.

    • A.J.: I liked the concept because it was a horror film but it wasn't your typical horror film of like a serial killer chasing you. I liked the idea that death is the main character in the movie and that death is chasing you, I just thought that it was cool and that's why it did so well, because it could happen.

    • A.J.: I've been in the theater with normal, everyday people and I just love hearing where they laugh and where we get responses, and that's what I think is so great about it. It's so true to life.

    • A.J.: There's a scene in the movie where I'm trapped in a van underwater and that was...it wasn't hard because it was fun but initially I thought it was going to be very hard because my biggest fear is being trapped in a car underwater. So it was kind of cool to face my fear and all that. I'd say the hardest scenes in the movie are where I'm freaking out and being very emotional, that's what we're kind of shooting right now.

    • A.J.: I started dancing when I was 4 so I just kind made the transition over, I guess. Acting just kind of happened, it's been going pretty well, so I keep doing it.

    • A.J.: Especially in something like this when you're doing a horror movie because some the things you have to do or say are so out of this world and it's not anything that you can relate to, so you kind of gotta figure out something that's close to that and use it.

    • A.J.: Everyone remembers being at someone's party, sitting on the couch, drinking punch, staring at the boy you like and not knowing if you should ask him to dance. Everyone can relate to that. Everyone remembers.

    • A.J.: It's tough because I've never had to live there [in LA] and I'm not a big fan of LA, but I am actually moving there shortly in a month or so.

    • A.J.: It depends, I use a little bit of the method but sometimes on a crazy set, you just got to do, what you got to do.

    • A.J.: I have some amazing fans! They're just so dedicated and so nice and so sweet. I'm like no one and I'm just starting out and these people appreciate your work and it's nice to hear that.

    • A.J.: It's not as much fun as it looks, making these films, but it's exciting to put together, and people will be surprised by the ending.

    • A.J.: I am just your everyday, average girl. I live by the beach. I wear flip flops. I don't wear make-up. I go to the gym.

    • A.J.: I will not do nudity. I will not do a sex scene. There are just certain things I will not do.

    • A.J.: My husband and I are just really laid back people.

    • A.J.: It just depends on how you want to look at it. Do you look at this movie and say okay, death is always out there, do I want to live my life to the fullest or do I want to live scared?

    • A.J.: I've got to say, when I first found out I got the part, I was a little scared to get on the plane and fly up to shoot the thing because of the first movie [Final Destination].

    • A.J.: It was easy to be a little freaked out doing that scene, but he's the nicest guy. His character freaks me out and it did in the first one too because it's like he knows something is going on here.

    • A.J.: (on actor Hayden Christensen) Hayden is very talented. He just has this ability. I watch the show sometimes and I'm just sort of in awe with what he does. What comes across on the screen is so beautiful and true. It's incredible.

    • A.J.: I never liked to be pigeon holed, and I never liked people to think that they know who I am. I like to keep people guessing. Right now I am trying my hardest to stay away from the genre movies just because I feel like people are thinking that's what I do, that I'm a scream queen. I'd like to stay away from that.

    • A.J.: A lot of times you have to dip into the independent world to find the really great projects and the really great scripts. They're out there, you just have to search hard.

    • A.J.: You've got to do the big studio movies to get your name out there, but as an actor, and for your own well-being, you kind of need to step back from that occasionally and do the smaller films. In the end, that's what helps you learn and makes you a better actor.

    • A.J.: I like TV in the way that it moves quickly, I like the pace of TV because I'm that type of actor. I like to go go go. I don't have to do 50 million takes of something. I guess I'm not that patient. I really like the pace of it.

  • Why???

    I love . Cook and her role on Criminal Minds (JJ), but I have to ask WHY have you allowed your hair stylist to make your hair style (?) look as though it hasn't been combed or brushed all day? It seems to be a fad, however bad taste it may be, for a lot of the beautiful women such as yourself and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think you and she are among the most beautiful as well as the most talented ladies on television these days and hate to see the two of you (and several others) showing up with such (literally) messed up hair! OK. Sorry, but it had to be said by someone!!!moreless
  • So good at what you do on the job.

    I just love you. I am glad you brought Louisiana into the picture. I am so glad they brought you back.