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  • Why???

    I love . Cook and her role on Criminal Minds (JJ), but I have to ask WHY have you allowed your hair stylist to make your hair style (?) look as though it hasn't been combed or brushed all day? It seems to be a fad, however bad taste it may be, for a lot of the beautiful women such as yourself and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think you and she are among the most beautiful as well as the most talented ladies on television these days and hate to see the two of you (and several others) showing up with such (literally) messed up hair! OK. Sorry, but it had to be said by someone!!!
  • So good at what you do on the job.

    I just love you. I am glad you brought Louisiana into the picture. I am so glad they brought you back.
  • . RULEZ

  • Here is an example of someone who had the Spotlight of Fame shine down on her...

    Her name is Andrea Joy Cook or A.J. for short. She had a couple starring roles in a couple Goosebumps Episodes. From then on, she continued to ride the Wave of Fame. She is more popular than other stars I have mentioned and written reviews for. While someone like Kathryn Long would only have a Star Power of 2 or 2.5, A.J. would have 3.5 to 4 Star Power if she were a Sim. You can try and make your own Sims famous by playing The Sims: Superstar expansion pack. I know there is a game called The Sims 2, but I don't know enough about it to be able to judge on whether it is better than The Sims.
  • I think AJ Cook is beautiful She makes CM more than another crime show with her character JJ, that character could easilybe boring, but AJ makes it someting special. I think she is a wonderful person.

    I think AJ Cook is beautiful
    She makes CM more than another crime show with her character JJ, that character could easilybe boring, but AJ makes it someting special.
    I think she is a wonderful person.

    I think she needs a bigger role in the show, sometimes you can forget that she is even there, until she pops up and you think 'oh yeah, there she is.' In general, AJ brings a great personality to CM as well as a happy cheery face, bringing a bit of happiness to a some-what serious show. You go girl, Keep up all your wonderful work.
  • YOU WILL BE MISSED ON THIS SHOW! I am not happy with the change, that's for sure!

    You are an amazing asset to this cast and show, it is not going to be the same without you on here, especially after last weeks episode where you spoke about what a mother is supposed to do... it showed your amazing character.

    I don't like this change, and I don't know if we will continue watching if they change this show too much, but for now, I want to show my support to other cast members too, even though I hate that you will be gone! Thanks A.J. Cook You have created a lot of smiles and tears!!!!!! :)
  • Love AJ, alias JJ. Love her strong character and she pulls it off really well. You can feel the closeness of the group which is what I think made Friends a strong ongoing show for so long.

    I love JJ. The interaction between her, Garcia and Reid is great. It adds to the show and you can obviously feel the personal emotion between them. I also loved Will being written in with them having a baby. Shows a woman can take on a serious career and still be a mom. Keep it coming. Don't get rid of this JJ.

    I heard read the powers in charge are replacing, and I think that would be a great mistake. If you do, you are going to riun the family attachment of this team. Taking Elle and Gideon off has been enough. Please don't make anymore changes. DOn't you know when you have a good thing going?????
  • She has "the charisma" and charm.

    She is so cute and talented. Also she has ¡§the charisma¡¨. Because the AJ role was seemed very unimportant, just a side role. But with her charisma she made the role bigger. But she is unrated so far. I think after final destination and A J role in criminal minds, she became more famous.
    She is the ¡§soft and beautiful¡¨ face of Criminal Minds. But I think her role is small for her talent. I want to see some more episode that is focused on her.
    I hope to see her on big screen maybe in a romantic comedy with Hugh Jackmanļ
  • One of my favorite characters in CM, she's cute and she adds that different angle to the show. She's fairly quiet and yet she has a lot of depth to the show.

    She's one of my faves for the reason(s) up there. Plus unlike Paget and Joe I've seen the movie Final Destination 2 which she was in. She was great in that and when I found out she was in Criminal Minds I was like "yes!!" This girl is good at what she does and I'm glad they picked her. I'm hoping as the show continues that she'll become a profiler like the others, because she does deserve a bigger role on the show, after all she is one of the characters from the very beginning it's about time they give her a little more screen time.
  • Aj Cook is a Beautiful actress.. she's very charming..

    Aj cook is very beautiful actress.. she's very charming..
    and she's a gorgeous actress..

    She's my favorite actually...

    uhmm... i'm a new fan of her so,, I'm trying to get always updated bout her.. I keep on researching on the net..so that I'll know more about her..

    I really like her face and the way she act.. I can say that she's charming inside and out!!
  • Great actress and has great vaules

    I think that AJ is a very talented actress and
    Will only improve with time IMO! And that she needs
    More scenes as she is great on the CBS show Criminal
    Minds! She has a great future as long as she doesn't
    Compromised those vaules that she has. At least she can go home to her husband at the end of the day! LOL!
  • Great Actress!!!

    I think A.J is a great actress, not to mention a great person. She has a sence of humor and... well, she's Canadian
    Her Character "JJ" is great!!!
    I think it's very important because she kind of keeps everyone line...She's the one that makes sure the team has everything they need to make a profile!!!
  • Pointless and annoying character.

    I find myself cringing with loathing everytime I see her on Criminal Minds. Its not that she\'s a bad actress or anything-- this is more a review of the writers. She has one job and that is to manage press-- when she begins to do or say things that she has no business knowing or saying-- which incidentally happens pretty much every episode now-- I just want to fastforward through her parts. Consistency is all I ask. If you want another woman profiler on the show then cast one-- if you can\'t justify it but just want another attractive woman to boost viewership and feel that you need to give her lines she has no logical business speaking-- just take a step back and try to figure out what exactly you were thinking-- I have come to expect so much more from this show and she just trashes it.