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  • A.J. Trauth is a great actor and I enjoy watching him on Even Stevens.

    I really love this person he is not my favorite but he is a good actor.I like A.J. Trauth though.I like him in the show even though he is not my favorite.He is so good at playing Alan Twitty.I just love A.J. in real life and Alan in the show.A.J. is good and he is liked by other people is what I am thinking.He is so good at being Alan and I also do look up to him but not as much as the girls I reviewed but he is still a really good actor.I will still look up to A.J. Trauth.
  • talented, charming, a great musician. AJ Trauth has the "it" factor.

    He is famous for being Alan Twitty in Even Stevens. We also saw him in the disney movie You Wish. He is the voice of Josh Mankey in Kim Possible. We admire his band Mavin. He has several guest appearances in TV series. he composes songs, plays guitar, wonderful singing voice, he can act, he's handsome. he knows his craft. plus, he has a good heart.
    AJ Trauth must be given more roles in TV and movies.