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  • A Martinez is my all time favorite actor. Although he is best known for his turns on 3 soaps, he is a wonderful actor and is underused, in my humble opinion.

    I cannot express how much of a difference A Martinez and his characters have made in my life. Primarily I know his as Cruz Castillo, the heroic, perfect husband of the equally wonderful Eden Capwell Castillo, portrayed by Marcy Walker. A Martinez exudes everything he is into his characters, and I would not be the same without having his presence in my TV or in my life. Mr Martinez has this ability to make his characters somebody that we all want to strive to be, or strive to be with. My fantasy has always been Cruz, and I have idealized the idea of marriage due to Eden and Cruz. I know that sounds silly, but in some parts of that show, I felt as though I should not be intruding on such private, intimate moments of a marriage like I was. This is all A\\\'s ability to own his alter egos and make them real, to make us bleed for him, feel sorrow and joy. Wonderful man, wonderful actor.