Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore


10/7/1979, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Aaron Robert Ashmore



Also Known As

Aaron Robert Ashmore
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Aaron Ashmore was born one minute before his twin brother, Shawn Ashmore in British Columbia, Canada. Throughout the years, Shawn has always been ahead of his brother in the acting sense partly due to the fact that when the twins were younger, Aaron got a job to act…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Aaron was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, 2006. He is found in the "Doubly Delicious" section with his twin brother, Shawn.

    • As of 2008, Aaron is dating film student Sasha Fine.

    • After high school, Aaron worked as a sous chef while not acting.

    • Aaron is currently filming a new movie called The Stone Angel, based on the book series by Margaret Laurence. He plays the character Matt Currie, which is the oldest brother to the main character, Hagar. The movie is due out in 2007 with a limited release in Canada.

    • Aaron Ashmore has wrapped up a new independent movie entitled Palo Alto in which he plays a character named Alec. It also stars Ben Savage, and Ryan Hansen, and is to be released in 2007.

    • The first movie Aaron was in was in 1991. He was in the movie Married to It as a student in the pageant.

    • The first tv movie Aaron was in was in 1993. He was in Gross Misconduct as a young Byron Spencer.

    • In 1999 Aaron was in two tv movies. In Love Letters he played Bob Bartram and in Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly he played Luke Lawson.

    • In 2000 the only tv movie Aaron was in was Run the Wild Fields. In it he played Charlie Upshall.

    • In 2001, Aaron was in three tv movies. In Dying to Dance he played Jason. In The Familiar Stranger he played Chris Welsh. In Blackout he played Second Son.

    • In 2002 Aaron was in several tv movies. In A Christmas Visitor he played John Boyajian and in Charms for the Easy Life he played Ted. He was also in the tv movie Conviction.

    • In 2004, Aaron was in the tv movie Brave New Girl as Tyler.

    • Aaron is 6' tall.

    • Aaron also has a tattoo on his right shoulder.

    • Has his grandfather's initials tattooed on his left wrist. His brother Shawn has the same tattoo on his right wrist.

    • The pair began acting back in Alberta around age 10 after a talent scout contacted the multiple births association -- or as Aaron calls it, the "multiple rugrats" support group -- to which their mother belonged. First it was TV commercials, sometimes together, sometimes filling in when the other one got sick. Sometimes, they competed for the same role.

    • Aaron will be seen reuniting with Kristin Bell in an episode of Veronica Mars later in 2006.

    • Ashmore's movie Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story will be released on May 2, 2005 on video and DVD in Canada.

    • Aaron's new movie A Bear Named Winnie aired on CTV on December 12, 2004. The movie is about the history of Winnie the Pooh. Aaron plays a young soldier named Randy Taylor.

    • Ashmore's second film is entitled A Separate Peace which is about a group of prep boys in the 1940's and was released on February 12, 2005

    • Aaron just completed a film called Safe in which he plays a boy named Bobby who throughout his life has been told what to do. In his apartment one day, he finds a safe but he discovers that the key to unlocking the safe is the same key to unlocking his dreams. This movie is a short movie lasting a mere 24 minutes.

    • Aaron Ashmore's movie My Brother's Keeper made its theatrical debut in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 1st, 2004. Check local listings for movie times.

    • In the movie My Brother's Keeper, Shawn Ashmore plays his brother's double. This was the first time that the Ashmore brothers worked together since they were 18 years old.

    • In the 2001 release of The Safety of Objects, Ashmore plays Bobby Christiansen, who is a security guard at a local mall.

    • In the year 2002, Aaron got to work with Reagan Pasternak, another one of Shawn Ashmore's co-stars from In A Heartbeat, in the made-for-television hallmark release of "A Christmas Visitor", which came out on DVD in the US on October 23rd, 2003

    • In 2001, Aaron got to work alongside Christopher Ralph, Shawn Ashmore's co-star in the teen medical program In A Heartbeat, in the 2001 direct-to-video release of The Skulls II.

    • Got to take a bow to the world at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival for his role as Dwayne, the silent right hand to the gang's leader, Shark, and the protector of the only female member, Kelly, in the Canadian movie Treed Murry also known as Get Down(US DVD Title) which opened in Canada in April of 2001 and came out on DVD in the US in February of 2003.

    • Ashmore originally was up for the role of Jaime Waite for the teen medical program In A Heartbeat, but didn't make the cut. Christopher Ralph beat him to it.

  • Quotes

    • Aaron: (on his favorite childhood TV show) Mr. Dressup If you talk to anybody who grew up in Canada, that's what they watched. He had puppets who lived in a tree house. He was like the Canadian Mr. Rodgers.

    • Aaron: (on the person living or dead he'd like to meet) The band Drive-By Truckers. They're a Southern rock-and country band that a friend of mine introduced me to. I've been listening to them a lot lately and they have great lyrics. I'd love to have my own private concert and pick their brains.

    • Aaron: (Can't make it through the day without) Coffee. I'm a caffeine junkie, which helps for playing Jimmy. He has that nervous-energy thing going on.

    • Aaron: (on brotherly advice about "Smallville") Shawn told me to pretend that the special effects on Smallville were real and make it fun.

    • Aaron Ashmore: (about filming with special effects on the "Smallville" episode 'Wither') He did all that green screen stuff and said it was fun. He told me, 'The realer you make it, the better it works.' People dig it because there's heart to it.

    • Aaron Ashmore: (talking about his scene in "Prom Queen" when he tells his parents that he's gay and his brother's scene in "X-Men 2" where Shawn is telling his family that he's a mutant) We've both done our coming-out scenes now.

    • Aaron Ashmore: I decided I should take the roles because school will always be there.

    • Aaron Ashmore: Sometimes you're flying and you're busy. Sometimes, you're not. You've got to have things outside of to make yourself happy when you're not working.

    • Aaron Ashmore: People confused us all the time in high school. We were in the same classes and teachers were always mixing us up. We've dated some of the same girls -- we did have the same taste once or twice -- but we never traded places. We fought, just like brothers, and now we're really close and best friends.

    • Aaron Ashmore: Shawn is the friendlier, passive twin. I'm the more aggressive one.

    • Aaron: When I went to accept my diploma when I graduated high school, I definitely did a trip on the way up so that was one of those things where I wished I could take that back. But nobody noticed.

    • Aaron Ashmore: They really supportive. They're happy that we're doing what we're doing. They've never been into acting themselves so just the twins, Shawn and I.

    • Aaron Ashmore: I try to keep my mind occupied, reading and I play guitar but I just spend time with my friends. That's the luxury of doing what we do. You have a lot of time off to travel too. This year I went to Hong Kong and Vietnam for fourteen days. I had a friend going to school in Hong Kong so I stayed with her there and that wasn't tough but it got a little rougher when we got to Vietnam.

    • Aaron Ashmore: I don't know what to wear at a premiere. A suit?

    • Aaron Ashmore: I love Canada, and I love Toronto. As long as I can work here, I will.

    • Aaron Ashmore: We were I think normal high school kids. We liked to have fun, liked to party. But it was always, 'Do your school work first,' that sort of thing. We had all the same friends. We took all the same classes. We were always together.

    • Aaron Ashmore: Shawn always gets cast as the nice guy, and I usually get the jock, the bad guy, or the jerk.

  • Great Actor

    Aaron Ashmore was best known for playing Marc Hall in the 2004 Canadian TV movie Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story. Since then, he has appeared in the films Safe, A Separate Peace, and A Bear Named Winnie. He has also had guest roles on the television shows The Eleventh Hour, The West Wing, and 1-800-Missing. Ashmore has more recently played the recurring role of Troy Vandegraff on the The CW Television Network television series Veronica Mars. He has been cast as Jimmy Olsen for the sixth season of Smallville on the CW. Coincidentally, his friend Sam Huntington played Olsen in Superman Returns and the two have both appeared in Veronica Mars. Ashmore's twin brother played a villain on Smallville in earlier seasons. Besides his recurring role on Smallville, Ashmore has roles in the upcoming 2007 films Palo Alto, Privileged, The Stone Angel and The Christmas Cottage. Aaron has joined the cast of Smallville as regular in season 7.moreless
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    Aaron is one of my favorite actors. His brother, Shawn is also on my list. I think Aaron is an awesome actor. And I love everything he does. I can't wait to see more of him in the future.