Aaron Ashmore





10/7/1979 , Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Aaron Robert Ashmore




Aaron Ashmore was born one minute before his twin brother, Shawn Ashmore in British Columbia, Canada. Throughout the years, Shawn has always been ahead of his brother in the acting sense partly due to the fact that when the twins were younger, Aaron got a job to act in a commercial and was too ill to attend so Shawn went in place for him. People say that Shawn has been stealing all of his brother's roles in movies. Since then, Aaron has taken a short break from acting, and got to experience life as a regular teenager. It wasn't long though, before he got a job offer to guest starr in "The Famous Jett Jackson" in the year 2000. Since then, Aaron's career has gradually been growing. Aaron is now more sturdily built with a broader face, and broad shoulders. He stands 6'0 which is an inch taller than Shawn who is 5'11". To that, Shawn comments, "It's shoes and hair". Now, the twins are living together in an apartment they share in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.