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  • Great Actor

    Aaron Ashmore was best known for playing Marc Hall in the 2004 Canadian TV movie Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story. Since then, he has appeared in the films Safe, A Separate Peace, and A Bear Named Winnie. He has also had guest roles on the television shows The Eleventh Hour, The West Wing, and 1-800-Missing. Ashmore has more recently played the recurring role of Troy Vandegraff on the The CW Television Network television series Veronica Mars. He has been cast as Jimmy Olsen for the sixth season of Smallville on the CW. Coincidentally, his friend Sam Huntington played Olsen in Superman Returns and the two have both appeared in Veronica Mars. Ashmore's twin brother played a villain on Smallville in earlier seasons. Besides his recurring role on Smallville, Ashmore has roles in the upcoming 2007 films Palo Alto, Privileged, The Stone Angel and The Christmas Cottage. Aaron has joined the cast of Smallville as regular in season 7.
  • empty

    Aaron is one of my favorite actors. His brother, Shawn is also on my list. I think Aaron is an awesome actor. And I love everything he does. I can't wait to see more of him in the future.
  • Talented and charasmatic.

    Aaron is by far one of the most talented and charasmatic actors out there today. You might not know him but one day you will for sure. He shines in pretty much everything he does. Keep your fingers crossed to seeing him return for the next season of "Veronica Mars". But in the mean time to get your fix try renting "Get Down" or "My Brother's Keeper".
  • Incredibly Talented

    With each new role, Aaron Ashmore proves that he's incredibly talented. His newer work on Veronica Mars as Troy Vandergraff and on Missing as Colin McNeil are extremely well done. He's very believable with each character he plays. I hope this is one actor we continue to see more and more of. He's an amazing actor with a bright career in front of him.
  • aaron ashmore is not only charming; he's a talented actor as well! we need more of aaron!

    definitely more charming than shawn ashmore

    he just draws you to the tv screen and he makes you want to reach out and just grab him =)

    see him in veronica mars, his portrayal is very good, considering the end of his character.

    aaron should be made into a regular cast character, not just guest stars because really, he\'s worth it.

    he\'s drool-worthy and a talented actor to say the least, and i bet you, millions of girls will be waiting for aaron to come out of his shell =p
  • When you watch Aaron on screen he draws you in like a magnet.

    Aaron Ashmore is one of the most talented actors I know of. He's very charming, and he has extremely good acting skills. Yet he's not well known. The only reason he's known is because his identical twin Shawn is very popular. When you watch Aaron on screen, it's like he doesn't even have to try to act. It comes very natural to him.
    I believe that God has given him such great talent that he should be allowed to show off once in a while. I'm disappointed that he is not on the big screen now. He also has a awesome personality. Just from interviews, I can tell that he's very nice and soft-spoken. If no one has seen Aaron Ashmore act before, you should. Trust me, you won't regret it.