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  • Aaron is an amazing voice actor

    Aaron is a talented voice actor and has great future ahead of him. He did an amazing job as Al from FMA and he did very well as Shura from YYH, Hiro from Fruits Basket and that's to list a few. Aaron has not done as much as his fellow Funi cast members, such as Justin Cook, Chuck Huber, Chris Sabat, etc, but he has done a considerable amount considering he is still in school. Aaron is well loved by fans and even at a young age has an official fan club for himself like Vic Mignogna (Risembool Rangers), Travis Willingham (Mini Skirt Army) and Chuck Huber (Chuck's Donuts.) You can expect great things in the future from Aaron.
  • He's just starting his career, so hopefully we'll see more of Aaron. :) He's friggin' awesome as Alphonse Elric.

    When I heard him play the voice of Alphonse Elric in the anime Full Metal Alchemist, I thought his voice was soooo cute!!! :P He was the perfect choice to voice Alphonse. Aaron was only 11 when he started recording for Full Metal Alchemist. (And most of the time he recorded his lines in a metal bowl.) But he showed tremendous talent even then. He's so humble and down to earth, and that's another reason why he's so cool. He really does have a gift, and I hope producers realize that. I've only heard his performance as Al, but I look forward to hearing him on other anime shows.
  • Awesome voice, me love it!!

    Aaron Dismuke is soo awsome! I loved his part as Alphonse Elric, it sounded so good! Although the talking in a metal bowl to get that metallic sound doesn’t sound so appealing, but thanks to him for suffering with the bowl for 51 awesome episodes and a movie! The part he played in the Fullmetal Movie was good, and well worth the wait, (I was one of the die hard fans who waited for the special edition with all of the extras to come out). Aaron’s part in Fruits Basket was also great, but it didn’t appeal to me as much as his appearance in FMA. On one of his most recent appearances as Ion in Trinity Blood, that turned out to top his voice in FMA I think, but maybe I’m just imagining it…… and I just like the show a lot right now, but anyway.

    Me love Aaron Dismuke!!!!!
  • truly a great voice actor... a right choice for the character alphonse elric...

    i just cant belive how this guy can give life to an empty suit of armor! one of the reason why al is my favorite character is because of his voice! i really like how his voice sound its always so calm... he truly fits the role of alphonse elric! i really love the way he gives emotions to al, i really think he had a really tough job... but he is really good... im sorry but i just cant belive how he can give life to a walking piece of metal or steel or whatever!
  • Ahh..Arron Dismuke..

    Ohmigawd! His voice is so smexy! I absolutely love it! It's awesome! And why the hell do you have to use up fifty words? It's terrible! Freakazoids!

    Ohmigawd! Oh mi gawd! I'm trying to waste space.

    I don't really like this site.

    I want to see a picture of Arron, my hubby.

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  • A talented actor and the right choice for Alphonse Elric.

    I first heard this actor in the Fullmetal Alchemist show and I have to say I\'m impressed. Not many people who play child characters sound too good, some come out annoying. This particular person, however, has not disappointed me yet and I\'m glad that FUNimation picked a good person to play such a good character. Keep it up, dude.
  • I was very much so impressed with his ability to emote through his voice for a particularly difficult role.

    His smooth and relaxed delivery make for an easy watch & listen. What is particularly impressive is his age..He is relatively similar in age to his character Al, which is very cool considering that most voice actors are older and usually just mimic a child's voice. If you haven't checked out Full Metal Alchemist I would highly recommend that you do.
  • Great voice actor.

    I think Aaron is underrated. He deserves far more respect. People say he "isnt a good voice actor". I got one thing to say to you people who say that, Dont be so picky! He does a great job playing Alphonse! He sounds like a cool kid, too. I would LOVE to meet him.
  • I think that Aaron Dismute is a nice guy.He has a great voice and is nery calm.

    I think that Aaron Dismute is a nice guy.He has a great voice and is nery calm.Aaron should have his own show.He is talanted,smart,(hot,lol)he has ALL is takes to be a star!!!He has the hair,voice,face,body,outfits.....In MY opinian he is way better than Vic^_^He pulls off Alphonse VERY well!!!Keep up the good work!!!