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  • Trivia

    • Aaron is friends with fellow Fullmetal Alchemist voice actor Vic Mignogna.

    • Aaron will be attending "Anime Vegas 2007" (an anime convention held annually in Las Vegas) this September 1-3.

      He will also be attending "Ani-Magic 2007" - October 5-7 in Lancaster, CA,
      "Nekocon 2007" - November 2-4 in Hampton, VA, and "TandokuCon 2007" - November 9-11 in Philadelphia, PA.

    • Aaron voiced Alphonse Elric in the video games Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir and FullMetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel.

    • Aaron is the youngest guest ever invited to Otakon, an annual convention held in Baltimore to celebrate Asian pop culture, usually anime and manga.

    • Aaron's advice to other kids that want to follow in his footsteps is to join a theatre club. But since only a few cities in North America really do voice acting, anime, or cartoons, it's important to live where the action is.

    • Aaron was the youngest voice actor on Full Metal Alchemist.

    • To make the hollow ring in Alphonse Elric's voice, Aaron had to place a metal bowl over his head and record his lines in it.

    • Aaron has a brother, Jake, who is 10 years younger than him.

    • Aaron is among the few number of child voice actors in the voice acting field.

    • Aaron Dismuke, along with his fellow voice actors, recently won Best Cast for their work on Fullmetal Alchemist at the first ever American Anime Awards. These awards were hosted in New York, Feb 24 2007.

    • Aaron has been to London.

    • Aaron has attended the CNAnime, Anizona, Anime Festival Orlando, and London Movie Comic & Media Expo conventions.

    • The maiden name of Aaron's mother is Mary Elizabeth Wolfe.

    • Aaron's father is named Wesley Scott Dismuke.

    • Aaron was 11 years old when he voiced the role for Alphonse Elric in Full Metal Alchemist.

    • Aaron is a voice actor for Funimation.

    • Aaron Dismuke has an offical fanclub known as the Armor Army. They have also been known as the Kindness Kittens, the Cans (because of his character Alphonse Elric), and Kindness in a Can(which is the combined name of Kindness Kittens and the Cans).

    • Aaron is a cousin of Justin Cook.

    • Aaron voiced Shura from Yu Yu Hakusho.

    • Aaron got his first voice acting role, Young Akito Sohma in the English dub of the anime Fruits Basket, when his cousin, Justin Cook, invited him to say a few lines in the anime.

    • According to his profile on Fruits Basket DVD volume 4, Aaron is a "self-proclaimed fan of Dragonball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho".

    • A photo and brief bio on Aaron and other Funimation actors can be found on the Fruits Basket DVD Volume 4. Unlike some actors who voice boys, he is actually a boy of the appropriate age; a young voice actor is a rarity in that field of work.

  • Quotes

    • (when asked what it was like recording Alphonse Elric's voice in a metal bowl)
      Aaron: I of course managed to kick it into the mic over and over again, producing an ear piercing, deafeningly loud noise that was the formula for me nearly getting fired. Other than that, it was really cool.

    • (when asked what it's like working alongside Vic Mignogna who is so much older than him)
      Aaron: Age has never changed the way I was treated at FUNimation, and so I always have fun with Vic as well as the other adults.

    • (when asked what anime, if any, he watched before he started voice acting)
      Aaron Dismuke: Dragon Ball Z for a long time, and Yu Yu Hakusho for a longer time. After I started voice acting, I started to like Fruits Basket and a lot of less violent shows. Of course, also Fullmetal Alchemist.

    • (when asked what his friends and classmates think about him voice acting)
      Aaron Dismuke: Most of them don't believe me, but whoever does wants me to get them on a show. Everyone of course says it's really cool.

    • (when asked how he manages his voice acting career along with school, friends, and his daily life)
      Aaron Dismuke: It's pretty easy actually. Funimation works around my schedule so I can record at night and weekends. It's pretty rare for me to miss something important.

    • (when asked if he had any plans to go into live-action acting)
      Aaron Dismuke: Actually, no. I think that appearing on TV would be too much stress for me. I just want to enjoy what I have.

    • Aaron Dismuke: I had no clue that I would become a voice actor.

    • (when asked what it's like voice acting in a popular series like Fullmetal Alchemist)
      Aaron Dismuke: Pretty cool. Knowing that I am heard on TV is awesome and I am still living a regular life. The idea of having fans is totally awesome.

    • (when asked why he thinks he's been successful on Full Metal Alchemist)
      Aaron Dismuke: The whole cast was really great, and we got into the show too, because it's a well written show.

    • (when asked about his future)
      Aaron Dismuke: Voice acting isn't something that can really be all that you do. You can't really live off of it, so there would be another career that I go into. I'm not sure what yet.